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Posted by Scotsman on January 19, 2009 in Gambling Affiliate Shit |

So I thought it might be interesting to provide weekly updates on my latest project, which is the website https://www.BuyDVDsForSale.com. Throughout these updates, I will give insight as to how the site is doing in regard to visitors and income, as well as give an inside perspective into what I actually do as a webmaster.

I’ll go into a bit of detail about the actual website, seeing how it is the first week and there isn’t much stats to talk about.  For the consumer or visitor, the website will provide them with a list of DVD deals.  If an online retailer puts DVD, be it movie or TV show, on sale, it’ll be posted on that site.  So people can keep up to date on the site, via visiting it, RSS Feed or a daily e-mail, and can keep track of what DVD deals there are.

Furthermore, the site will hopefully capture people searching for deals in google.  For example if you are wanting to buy “Batman Returns” on DVD, you might search google first for “Batman Returns DVD Deal”, and hopefully find that website.  So along with providing sales, whenever there is a highly anticipated movie being released on DVD, I will find the best price for it and post it.

From a business point of view, I make money when the web visitor clicks thru my affiliate link, and spends money.  So for example – you visit the site, you see Moonlight: Complete Series for sale, and you click the link to go to Amazon.  You add it to your cart and buy it for $25.99.  I earn a percentage of that sale, and that’s how I make money.

The percentage I earn depends how well I do.  For example right now I earn 4% of all referrals, so I would earn $1.04 from that $25.99.  However when I have did referrals for 6 items, it goes up to 6%.  Once I hit 31 items, its 6.5% and so on.  The highest rate possible is 8.5%, which is achieveable once you have been responsible for 3100 items being shipped.

At this time, I don’t have any financial goals with the site.  I have no idea at all how weill a site like this will actually do.  Assuming I spend 20 minutes a day adding DVD deals to the site, and say 350 days a year for that, that’s going to be a total of approximately 116.5 hours a year.  If I value my hourly rate at $100 an hour, I’d have to make $11,650 a year net for the site to be successful.  Is this achievable?  I have absolutely no idea at this stage, but I’m going to give it a go anyway.  I feel with my experience in regard to search engine optimization etc, I should be #1 in google for all DVD Deals & Sales related terms by September.  If it looks like I’ll make $2500 a year or less I’ll sell the site, and if its between $2500-$7500 I’ll look into hiring someone to do the updates.

I do not plan on using Google Adsense or anything to try and bring in people right now – I’m going to focus purely on posting deals, and rely on search engine results, so I can get a better understanding of the market.  Until the end of February, my one goal with the site is simple – to get it doing well in google, and have google indexing the pages daily.  This can be tough, however if I update it regularly and keep the code clean, as well as get links from people, I should be okay.

So the site was done and basically launched on Thursday, January 15th.  I’ve already got indexed in google because well – I’m awesome – although Googlebot hasn’t returned since its first visit.  That’s okay – it will take time – and I expect it to come once a week for the next little while.   So far I have 23 pages of unique content which is a great start, and hope to add 2-3 items a day, to convince Googlebot to visit daily.

At this point I wasn’t expecting any stats to talk about, but we do have some.  Of course, the majority of these are useless visitors – you see I plugged the site on here, and also on one of my gambling sites(just to help get it indexed).  My wife also put it on her facebook, and e-mailed family & friends of the URL.  So all these people came to visit.

However as I said – these visits are generally useless – because it’s curiosity clicks.  If a friend tells you to check out a website you’re most likely going to check it out, but you really aren’t that interested in the subject matter.  So I don’t expect much from those visitors(and got nothing).

The visitors I am more interested in, which will come over time, are the people searching for things that I am able to provide.  Looking for a cheap deal on The Shield Season 6?  Boom, they find my website, they find the deal, they click through and they buy.

So far we’ve had no specific hits – just one search engine result so far, which is “dvd deals USA”.  This actually isn’t bad at all – this is actually quite good – it’s someone that is interested in deals in general, and that’s what my website will provide.  Someone who is looking for something specific clicks through my website and they’re gone forever(or until the next search engine results which hits my site), however people looking for deals in general are more likely to subscribe to the mailing list, bookmark the site, visit daily and click through my links often.

So that’s basically it so far.  I’ve had 50 click-thrus to Amazon, but no sales so far.  I’m going to give the site until we start getting search engine results daily, before I start analyzing things.  For example I’m able to see what people click – for example, link to Wall-E has had 8 clicks(the most), Firefly the Complete Series 7 clicks.  However there is no point looking at that till my real target market starts coming in.

Anyway that is all for this weeks update. Hopefully this stuff is interesting to you guys because I find it fun to write about.

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