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Well the last update was on January 19th.  Since then I was out of the country, and I just didn’t feel like sitting down and doing much work.  Now I’m back it’s time to start the weekly updates on these, and I’m going to try and keep it to a set format to make it easier to read and write.

Website Changes:

  • I added a “product preview” thing to the site.  For example – visit this page on Lost Blu-Ray Deals.  Hover over the links for Lost Season 3 or 4 and you’ll see what I mean.
  • Made the header clickable(click the header, go to the homepage).  Just standard web 101.
  • If a person finds one of the individual pages on the site, like the DVD deal for Mary Poppins for example, I want to do as much as I can to get them to subscribe to the site.  So on each individual page under the actual deal, I added a subscription option as well as a “Request a Deal” option, as that should really help with retention.  If someone comes to the site and doesn’t find the deal they are looking for, they are liable to leave.  Not so, now they can request a deal.  See an example here.
  • Now if someone searches the site for a DVD deal and can’t find a deal on the DVD they are looking for, they are prompted to request a deal.  So if you search the site for Dexter Season 2 and can’t find it, you can request us to find that deal for you.  See what I mean here.  Again it’s all about retention.  Most people if they can’t find the deal will just give up and close the site – now it convinces the person to stay at the site and e-mail me instead, and just like that I’ve got them hooked.
  • I installed the Search Meter plugin, which allows me to see what people are searching for on the site.  This will be very handy.

And that’s it for website updates.  I really don’t foresee there being many more updates at all, as the site is running pretty smoothly from here on in.


Things are going very well with Google.  We’re not ranking very highly yet – ideally when someone types “madagascar 2 dvd deal” we’ll be #1, but that is a long way away.  However I’m blown away by how well we’re still doing with Google.  Google has been getting our pages indexed literally 5 minutes after they’re posted.  So I post a deal, and ping google as is standard – boom, the Googlebot comes a-visiting, and indexes the page right away.  This REALLY helps when there is a popular DVD deal search I see, as I can get a page up promoting it and get indexed immediately.

Visitor/Search Engine Keywords:

Our amount of visitors alternate daily.  Some day it’s around 20, other days 50, while some days as low as 8.  It really depends a lot on search engine results, however I’m VERY happy with the results I’ve been getting so far.  For example, Madagascar 2 just came out, and LOTS of people are searching for deals on it.  Here are just some of the phrases they found my site with:

  • madagascar 2 dvd deals
  • madagascar 2 sale
  • madagascar 2 blu ray sale
  • “madagascar 2” sale
  • madagascar 2 dvd sale
  • madagascar 2 blu ray best deal

Kids movies SHOULD be big, and thankfully having two kids I don’t have to do much research on that, so as soon as kids movies are available for pre-order I’ll have a page up and index, and hopefully do well.

Some other phrases people got to my site from are:

  • 24 season 5&6
  • martin the complete series
  • the wedding singer blu-ray
  • deals “the wire” canada
  • space buddies movie on sale
  • moonlight tv dvd for sale
  • six feet under complete series

Those are just SOME of the keyword searches.  And as you can see – those keywords are very specific, so theoretically conversions will be high.  If someone is searching for “space buddies movie on sale” and find our page listing the best sale price for it – they SHOULD be clicking through and buying it.

All this, and we’re not even ranking well yet.  I’m VERY happy with the way this is going so far.

In-Site Searches:

As I mentioned above, I installed a plugin so I can see what people are searching.  This means that I can see what people are looking for, and cater for them.  For example – one person searched for high school musical 3 so even though there’s no current huge price drops for that, I look around, find the best price, then create this page.


I’ve had one e-mail so far from someone requesting a dvd deal, which was for the complete series of Home Movies.  These are great e-mails to get, because I find the best deal, post it on the site, then link them to it, and they SHOULD be clicking through and buying it.


Money is what makes the world go round, and how am I doing with the site so far?  GREAT.  I wasn’t actually expecting to make ANY money from the site for a few months, so I’m VERY happy at the fact that I’ve already made some money off the site, to the point where I jumped up in the referral tier system, from 4% to 6%.

In January I made 3 sales on Amazon.com, which was all The Wire: The Complete Series.  These came directly from Facebook though I think, where I advertised it in my status thing.  So I made $9.84 from that.

In February so far at Amazon.com, I’ve made $11.46.  $0.78 from each of season 4-6 of King of the Hill, $0.54 from WWE Wrestlemania XX, $0.52 from WWE Unscripted(thanks Vern), $3.54 from Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series and $4.52 from Home Movies 10th Anniversary Set, which as I mentioned was the result of someone requesting a deal.

Unfortunately those Madagascar searches never resulted in a any buys, but that’s okay.  As I said, any money is just a bonus right now.

That’s it for this weeks update – in the future I expect these to be much shorter.

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