XBox Update: Finally Beat Metro 2033 Redux

Posted by Scotsman on September 9, 2019 in XBox |

I didn’t forget about updating here or anything – I just haven’t updated as I haven’t been playing much XBox.

as an example the only game I have been playing is Metro 2033 Redux. I started that on June 13th. It’s September 9th and I literally just finished the game 5 minutes ago.

Three freaking months for one game that How Long To Beat suggests you can beat in 9-22 hours. According to Trueachievements I only played for 10 hours too. So 10 hours in 3 months. Yikes.

I’ve got a better work schedule set out now that will hopefully encourage me to play more video games now. Here’s how my spreadsheet currently stands: Read more…


XBox Update: Streak is Over

Posted by Scotsman on July 8, 2019 in XBox |

Well my XBox daily achievement streak is over.

It was a 56 day achievement stream that ended on June 21st, 2019.

I’m disappointed it’s over. I was going to the cottage in the beginning of July and even though the internet there is 56k levels at best, I was still prepared for it thanks to XBox/PC Game Pass. I had downloaded a couple of games with achievements and was planning on keeping it going thanks to them.

Alas on June 20th, I got word that my father was in very poor health and I’d have to fly over to Scotland. He ended up passing away while I was over there and yeah – achievements were the last thing on my mind.

I’m not sure if I’ll get another streak going or not. I did enjoy it I must say. I probably will at some point but it’s a bit low on my priority list right now.

One thing that did come out of it is I am more motivated than ever to play XBox. See – my dad was a hoarder. Like he could have been on those TV shows. And even though he had to leave everything behind when he moved to Scotland, was blind and in a wheelchair with just one leg – he still managed to keep his hoarding going over there.

I had to clear out his place and one thing I had to go through was about 5,000 DVDs. Seriously. So many duplicates etc too. And he never watched them. It was the same when he lived in Canada. Just kept buying DVDs or renting DVDs then copying them, printing off the covers etc but never actually watching them.

While I’m not an actual hoarder like many people I’m a digital hoarder. My backlog of games is over 500. Many of them were free ones etc but there’s still so many games I’ve bought over the years due to being on sale that I haven’t played. I’ve been good in that over the last 3 years I can count the amount of games I’ve actually bought on one hand – but still I haven’t been able to go through them.

So that’s got me more motivated now to spend more time playing XBox. Hopefully that keeps up.

Prior to all this I’ve been going through Metro 2033 Redux. Not really enjoying it too much right now but I’ll keep going and hopefully it gets better. The beginning feels very slow paced. I’ve got a lot of work to catch up on after the last 3 weeks being a bloody nightmare – hopefully that all gets sorted and I can get to gaming as there’s a lot of games I want to tackle.

Here’s the old list of my “daily xbox achievements”.

June 6th: Bridge Constructor. 25 failed simulations on same bridge.
June 7th: Letter Quest. Lost from taking tile damage.
June 8th: Bridge Constructor. Tanker Trucks can drive on all of Tiltin Norths maps.
June 9th: Plague Inc Evolved. Discovered the Projectile Vomiting combo.
June 10th: Plague Inc Evolved. Won a game on Parasite on Normal Difficulty.
June 11th: Plague Inc Evolved. Discovered the Public Defecation combo – aptly named “Brown Streets”.
June 12th: NHL 16. Create a Be A Pro Character.
June 13th: Plague Inc Evolved. Beat Prion on normal.
June 14th: Plague Inc Evolved. Destroy a Z Com Fortress
June 15th: Plague Inc Evolved. Won game with Necroa Virus.
June 16th: NHL 16. made a trade to acquire a player with full trade value.
June 17th: Plague Inc Evolved. Discovered Swineflu combo.
June 18th: Plague Inc Evovled. Won a game with the Neurax Worm.
June 19th: Plague Inc Evolved. Disrupted iCure.
June 20th: Plague Inc Evolved. Make USA nuke Russia.


Xbox Update: Streak Going Strong

Posted by Scotsman on June 5, 2019 in XBox |

Last time out I finished up Lego Marvel.

Still in the comic book mode, I went with Batman Arkham Knight next.

Unfortunately I have barely scraped the surface with the game. I’m enjoying it for the most part but not fully hooked yet.

I was also on a trip to Vegas last weekend. So I had a bunch of work to get done after it, then I was exhausted as fuck AND had a huge backlog of work to do. So I haven’t had the chance to play it since getting back.
Read more…


XBox Update: Lets Go Lego!

Posted by Scotsman on May 13, 2019 in XBox |

With Avengers: End Game coming out, my son came up with the idea of doing a Marvel Movie Marathon. While not the biggest comic book movie fan I figured ah what the hell.

I’m glad I did it as it changed my opinion a lot. It also made Civil war and Infinity War much better having seen the build up to them(I’d seen them when they first came out). It also made me change my appreciation of Thor – the character and movie – bigly. The third Thor movie is one of my favourites of all time now ha.

Dr. Strange still fucking blows though.

Anyway after all that – and seeing End Game – I was in the mood for some comic book video game action. To be honest I was tempted to buy a PS4 and Spiderman. Only thing that put me off? Around Christmas time, the PS4/Spidey bundle was on sale for $279.99 very briefly. If I wanted to buy them now, it’d cost me about $430. On principle I’ll not be buying that ha.

So I looked through my backlog. Batman was tempting but I decided to go with Lego Marvel Super Heroes first. I haven’t played a Lego game in forever – Lego Batman 2 was the last one I played.

I’ve TRIED to play others but I haven’t got into them. And playing this single player (as I’ve had it glitch in co-op and not unlock achievements when I’d try to play with the kids) made me realize why.

Quite simply – the series has gotten too complicated. I mean at its core it’s still the standard game – you accomplish step A, which means you can accomplish step B, which leads to step C etc etc.

However playing with the kids we’d get completely lost. One of them would do step A and I’d have no idea and we’d be left trying to figure shit out forever. Or in some cases we’d do step B and C but not step A and then be lost.

So being able to play it in single player helped me to get into it again. I thoroughly enjoyed it to the point that I sat there for 4 hours on Saturday morning just beating the last 6 or 7 levels.

I ended up with 19/45 achievements for 370/100 gamerscore.

What I am going to do is rather than go through it all again on free play etc and probably wear myself out – is each day, time permitting, I’ll do one of the levels on freeplay and then unlock an achievement for my “daily xbox achievement” challenge.

In the meantime I’ll move onto something else – then most likely once I have wrapped up Lego Marvel, get Lego Avengers going on.

Gamerscore: 277,583 (+1540)
Achievements: 11,785 (+94)
True Achievement Score: 442,458 (+2991)
100% Games: 113.
TA Percentage: 58.30%. (+0.01%)

XBox Games to Wrap Up: 164 (+3)
New XBox 360 Games: 97 (+1)
New XBLA Games: 71
New XBox One Games: 186 (-2)
Sports/Racing: 47
Kinect Games: 25

My main focus right now is that “New XBox One Games” list which is games I haven’t played for the XBone yet. I think at one point last year that was down to like 100 lol. Or maybe it was 150 can’t remember – anyway just going to keep working on that most likely altho I may mix it up and get some XBox 360/XBLA Games going on. “Games to Wrap Up” list is getting bigger but that’s a good thing as that means it is games I have beaten!

Now off to write some content for Where To Bet Sports. Fun site I started last year.

Daily Achievements:

7th: Killed 25 people while riding on a beast (yir maw).
May 8th: Worked towards a bunch of stuff in Far Cry Primal. While doing that got the 10 kills with the sling.
May 9th: Far Cry Primal. Fight the bloodtusk mammoth.
May 10th: Far Cry Primal. Captured all the outposts.
May 11th: Letter Quest. Reached max level with one book.
May 12th: Letter Quest. Swapped all letters 50 times.
May 13th: Lego Marvel. Created custom character.


XBox Update: Crackdown = CrackDONE

Posted by Scotsman on May 6, 2019 in XBox |

Hey lookit that – I actually started a game then finished it all within a reasonable timeframe!

Unlike the 3 months it took me to beat Far Cry Primal, this one took me…yikes, still feels like a fairly long time. The 27th of April I started it, the 6th of May I finished it. So just more than a week!

In saying that end of month / beginning of month is my busy work time so I’ll take it.

I apparently spent 9 hours on it so not too bad. Finished with 40/70 achiements and 460 gamerscore.

This’ll be on my “To Wrap Up” list. Also me and Mason started Mortal Kombat X. That’s one I’ll be playing mostly against him and whipping his ass but I’ve added it to the “To Wrap Up” list as well.

I mentioned last time I was going to do a daily log of all the “to wrap up” achievements. Happy to announce I’ve been able to keep that up. Hopefully I can keep it going for the next little while.

Here’s the list:

April 27th: Far Cry Primal (3). 100 bow kills. 15 throwing shard kills. Capturing 10 outposts.
April 28th: Far Cry Primal. Kill & skin 1 tamed beast.
April 29th: Far Cry Primal. Kill target 50 feet away using a spear.
April 30th: Far Cry Primal. Kill target 70 feet away with bow & arrow.
May 1st: Did a bunch in Far Cry Primal to get me closer to multiple achievements. After an hour though I switched to Jackbox party Pack 2 and got a chivo for six players in Bidiot.
May 2nd: Far Cry Primal. Killed 50 people with fire.
May 3rd: Jackbox 2. 8 players plus audience member in Fibbage 2.
May 4th: Jackbox 3. Created a game in Quiplash 2.
May 5th: Jackbox 2. Successfully filed paperwork in Bomb Corp.
May 6th: Far Cry Primal. Killed 10 enemies with traps.

Won’t bother with the tally this time around. Not sure what game I will start next.

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