XBox Update: January 2023

Posted by Scotsman on January 31, 2023 in XBox |

After a great December, January ended up not being so good.

I unfortunately ended up absolutely swamped with work. I launched a new website January 1st, Book Notification, and it became incredibly popular right off the bat due to my e-mail newsletters.

Now I mean that’s awesome and all – but it has resulted in so much work. I did keep up my achievement streak which I’ve had going for a bit now. Let’s see – it’s at 67 days as of today. The longest was last year when I went 176 days so I’d like to at least beat that.

I also had three really nasty hangovers in January. I’ve learned the hard way: when you get your gallbladder removed, hangovers suck 1000x more than normal. Seriously brutal. No big deal just will monitor my drinking going forward. But man they are nasty.

Anyway here’s what I played:

A Memoir Blue: Started this during the TA Challenges and 1ked it.

Donut Country: Fun enough little puzzle game. Could have had more puzzle aspects to it. Was leaving Gamepass so wanted to play it. Easy 1k.

Football Manager 2023: One achievement in this for winning manager of the month. Haven’t played much. Game just hasn’t quite hooked me yet.

Golf With Your Friends: Played a bunch of this and got achievements. Currently at 28/46 for 655/1315. Not sure if I will get much else.

Iris Fall: Started this at the tail end of the month. Played the first two chapters. Will do a chapter a day while eating my lunch.

High on Life: I’ve got 7 achievements so far. This was the new game I started this month. Honestly finding it quite dull so far.

Mahjong: I was able to complete this game which felt awesome. Was never a Mahjong fan but I started this last year when I was looking for PC games to get my achievement streak going with ease. Had a lot of fun with it and took exactly one year to beat. Not bad at all.

Sudoku: Got a few achievements in this. I basically just have to grind to complete 500 puzzles and reach level 250 and the others are easy.

Telling Lies: 1ked this. It was leaving Gamepass and seemed an interesting concept. It was not. Hated every moment of this.

Townscaper: Had this one sitting there to be beaten for forever so sucked it up and got the rest of the achievements in it to 1k it.

Unpacking: Another game I 1ked. A nice little game to chill out and play while hill. Not much else to it.

Gamerscore: 324,548 (+4965)
TA Score: 553,120 (+7999)
Achievements: 13,614 (+112)
TA Ratio: 55.39% (+0.29%)
100% Games: 130 (+6)


XBox Update: December 2022

Posted by Scotsman on January 4, 2023 in XBox |

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I mentioned in the last update that I had my gallbladder removed. Well with spending all day on the couch for a couple of weeks, although I was still working the entire time on my Macbook, it kind of gave me a lot of time to think about a good work/life balance.

So I was able to go into December with a lot of plans. Basically M-T I work 2 hours in morning, 2 hours in afternoon. F-S I do 3 hours total each day. Helps me with my semi-retirement, gives me a lot of free time, and I’m able to keep on top of everything.

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