XBox Update: Rage 2 & XCom 2

Posted by Scotsman on January 10, 2020 in XBox |

2 months since I last updated here. Last time I updated I had beaten Spiderman on the PS4 and the outer Worlds. I then started Madden 18 although I haven’t finished that one yet.

I took a rare vacation over the holidays so wanted to get into a game. At first I went with Rage 2 however honestly I wasn’t super into it. I just was not into the story at all. I kept getting all these quests and was just like “Yeah I don’t care about any of these”. Such a soulless game.

So I stopped rather than waste my holidays hating myself. I went with XCom 2. Man I love turn based strategy games.

I started that on December 23rd and put 40 hours into it and beat it just an hour ago. I ended up with 46/70 achievements in that one. 710/1350 gamerscore.

I’m not bothering with going back and getting chivos at the moment for that or any other games. I will again eventually but right now it’s just about new games.

Pretty sure the next one I start will be Far Cry 5.

I’m also getting interested in esports and have been watching a bunch. I have tons of esports betting articles over at Where To Bet and that’s got me hooked on it.

Feels weird having that on in the background but I am enjoying it.

I was going to get into PC gaming with that XBox PC Gamepass deal but haven’t got round to it yet. Installed Age of Empires though on my laptop so hopefully soon.

Updates since last time:

XBox Games to Wrap Up: 167 (+1)
New XBLA Games: 72
New XBox 360 Games: 104 (+1)
New XBox One Games: 192
Sports/Racing Games: 52

Bloody free games. Honestly I am not sure how accurate those lists are anymore with EA Access and all that and losing track of games but they’re close enough.

Gamerscore: 283,263 (+1885)
TA Score: 453,280 (+3564)
Achievements: 12,070 (+109)
TA Ratio: 57.62% (-0.49%)
100% Games: 114

A bunch of the achievements are from Mason and his games. That ratio – yikes. Although it looks like Mason started both Astroneer (6/54 chivos) and Stardew Valley (10/44) plus with Rage 2 yeah it makes sense.

Far Cry 5 time!


XBox Update: Spiderman & Outer Worlds

Posted by Scotsman on November 15, 2019 in XBox |

Oops I forgot to update in awhile. However in the past two months I’ve went through and beaten two games. Which doesn’t sound like a lot I guess but I mean both games probably combined for about 60-70 hours so I’ll take.
Read more…


XBox Update: Focus

Posted by Scotsman on September 23, 2019 in XBox |

Not an actual update really but just wanted to write something while it was fresh in my head – I’ve learned over the past couple of days that one thing I need when it comes to gaming was focus.

Over the weekend I had the following gaming “plans”:

  • Play Spiderman on PS4
  • Slowly grind away at Madden 18s “win a game with every team” achievement
  • Get an achievement per day in Sniper Elite 4
  • Do this weeks “XBox Game to Wrap Up” which was Limbo
  • 30 minutes per day on Lego Marvel

However I soon realized that isn’t something I want to do. Read more…


XBox Update: Beat Sniper Elite 3

Posted by Scotsman on September 18, 2019 in XBox |

Well my new schedule in terms of work – which is set up to allow me to do more non-work things such as play Xbox – is already paying off as I had a very successful week in terms of playing XBox.

I finished up Metro 2033 Redux last time out. My new goal was every Friday pick an “XBox Game to Wrap Up” and play that until I had every achievement I wanted in it. i ended up going with Metro and got all the needed achievements over the course of a couple of days.

What’s cool about that is I was quite busy the last few days with personal stuff but I was still able to do that AND start then finish a new game. Read more…


XBox Update: Finally Beat Metro 2033 Redux

Posted by Scotsman on September 9, 2019 in XBox |

I didn’t forget about updating here or anything – I just haven’t updated as I haven’t been playing much XBox.

as an example the only game I have been playing is Metro 2033 Redux. I started that on June 13th. It’s September 9th and I literally just finished the game 5 minutes ago.

Three freaking months for one game that How Long To Beat suggests you can beat in 9-22 hours. According to Trueachievements I only played for 10 hours too. So 10 hours in 3 months. Yikes.

I’ve got a better work schedule set out now that will hopefully encourage me to play more video games now. Here’s how my spreadsheet currently stands: Read more…

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