Motivation – there actually IS a bad time for it

Posted by Scotsman on November 15, 2008 in Gambling Affiliate Shit |

After a long, tiring day involving Mason and his 5th birthday party(which I’ll write about later) I decided to go to bed early tonight.  After beating Fallout 3, me and the wife went to bed about 10pm, and finally started on How I Met Your Mother season 2.  She fell asleep halfway through the first episode.  I was tired but also hungry and could do with a good cup of tea before bed, so decided to get up and make some tea and toast.

While waiting for it, I fired up the laptop to work on something on my to do list.  You see – a few days ago, I was going through all my gambling affiliate magazines(for reasons which I’ll also write about later) and there was a big article on Google Analytics.  If you run a website, you owe it to yourself to use Analytics – just an awesome fucking stat program.  So I skimmed the article, and I noticed the writer mention that it actually offers daily e-mail reports.  WTF?  I had no clue about that.  So I checked into it and sure enough it does – click a few buttons and you’ll get an e-mail every morning summarizing your stats from the previous day.  I usually spend a few hours a month studying, researching and analyzing my stats for all my websites, but that’s the only time I looked at them.  So I decided to give it a shot with Poker Affiliate Bible, and sure enough I got a PDF document e-mailed to me every day with lots of detailed information about the previous day.  Some really awesome stuff, and it is quite fun looking through it all on a daily basis now.

So while waiting for my tea and toast to be ready, I decided to set up the daily e-mails for all the other sites that I run and use Google Analytics for.  So I was setting it up, and I switched to the analytics account for my NBA Betting Tips site.  Now I’ll be honest – since launching that site just over a week ago, I haven’t looked at the stats once, for three reasons.  (1) I’ve been very busy, (2) I wanted to wait and analyze the stats after a month of content, and most importantly (3) I have did absolutely no marketing for the site at all, so don’t really expect there to BE any stats.

Boy, was I wrong.

I logged in to check the account and noticed that I had 106 unique visitors.  Hey, that’s pretty good for just a couple of weeks, although I figured it’s most likely just you guys visiting when I link it here.  Then I looked at the date range – and it was for the last 24 hours!  WTF?  How am I getting over 100 unique visitors in 24 hours at this stage?  I couldn’t believe it, so I checked the stats myself and boom there it was – googling “nba tips” you’d find my site on the first page of google, with it showing up as high as #4 on some peoples rankings that I checked with.

So yes – holy shit, already I’ve got an audience and I haven’t even did anything with the site.  That’s why I’m saying there is a bad time to be motivated – because it is currently 12:30am as I write this, and I really should be in bed – yet all I want to do is stay up late, work on that and launch a few other small sites that I’ve got planned.  And even when I do go to sleep, it’ll be an uneasy sleep because all I want to do is wake the fuck up and get straight to work.

Just a pity those 106 visitors came on the same day we went 1-3.  🙁

Also – and this is completely legitimate – Janise asked me if I was going to shave today.  I said “What are you talking about, I shaved yesterday.” No in fact I didn’t.  I’ve actually been so fucking busy this past week, I completely forgot all about shaving and haven’t shaved since like last Saturday, and I didn’t even notice the facial hair growing.  I’ve been shaving my whole face lately too, so how the hell do I not notice this appear?

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