So apparently I’m now a bookie…

Posted by Scotsman on October 26, 2008 in Gambling |

…and not by choice either.

My friends all know that I’m a big sports better, and so it is usually a conversation topic when we’re around.  A few weeks ago I was hanging out with a friend and there was some baseball on at the bar.  He said he hated baseball unless it was the Blue Jays, and I said he should bet some money on it and that way he’d care.  So he asked if I’d take his bet, and after checking the lines on 5dimes I did just that.  As I bet a lot at sportsbooks, I’m able to pretty much text or call in bets now rather than have to bet online.  So being the financial wiz, I took my buddys $50, gave him odds at -113, then bet it at -107.   This way, no matter the result I’ll never lose money.  Since then, he has texted me on a regular basis asking me to take his action for hockey, baseball etc and I’ve obliged because well, he is a mate and that’s what I do.

Last week when my boy Nate was in town, he brought out his 800 pro-line tickets to show all the bets he had.  I pointed out how stupid pro-line was because you need to bet a minimum of 3 spreads, and it’s hard enough to get 1 right.  So this conversation went on for awhile, and he asked me to take his action for the Browns on Sunday, so I did that, while laughing and yelling that I was a bookie now.  Well, I was drunk, and I traded cell phone numbers with a few people at the bar who also wanted to bet, they gave me the money upfront and I put the bets on for them(with extra juice of course).

Fast forward to this weekend, where as of 1pm on Sunday afternoon, I’ve received 12 fucking text messages from people wanting me to put bets on for them not just for NFL but for UFC too.  The funny thing?  I only know TWO of these people!  The rest are all people that “got your number from a guy” etc.  I decided to take their action this week, but I really better stop this before it gets out of hand, because this is a weird road to go down. Here’s just two of the messages:

So yeah – weird stuff.  I’ll probably just try to convert these guys to online sportsbooks like 5dimes, then I don’t have to worry about the legalities of it, plus get myself referral money.

Feeling a bit better now BTW – the fever and chills have gone after another night of waking up drenched in sweat.  Got a killer sore throat though, and one of those headaches where it feels like your skull is going to just split open.  I made some tips for NFL which I am regretting because I was planning on skipping this week due to illness.  If you remember, last November when I was this ill was when I fucked up the NFL Pickem and only picked like 4 right or whatever, and it cost me the league.  So you should probably avoid these at all costs:

Saints/Chargers under 46
Chargers -3
Jags -7
Falcons +9.5

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