Cancelling my Blockbuster Unlimited Game Rental Thingy

Posted by Scotsman on April 21, 2009 in Gambling, Geek Stuff, Life, Multimedia |

Well at the end of this month, I’m going to cancel my Blockbuster Unlimited Game Rental deal that I had going since the beginning of February.  It’s actually a great idea, but the problem is that you feel obligated to play the rental game.  My game collection is huge and I haven’t been playing a lot of games that I should be, so I’m going to cancel it till like June or July and then get it back.

I’d always planned this to end around this time, for the release of the new Fallout 3 DLC.  Just a shame I wasn’t able to rent some games I really wanted, like RE 5, or Lost for Janise, or WWE Legends, or a ton of others.  Oh well.

So taking a look at my games, other than Fallout I have to play:

  • Rainbow Six Vegas 1.   Story mode and T-Hunt on Realistic.
  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2.  Story mode on Realistic.
  • Bioshock.  Hardest difficulty.
  • Left 4 Dead.  Only played 2 story modes.  Also gotta play it online.
  • Burnout Revenge & Paradise.  Just need to play these more.
  • Dark Sector.  Hardest difficulty.
  • Civilization.  It’s just been sitting there for a LONG time gathering dust.
  • RE4 for the Gamecube.  Yep.  Still not played.
  • Mass Effect.  Barely scratched surface with it.
  • Gears of War 1.  Gotta go through co-op with Risto.
  • Gears of War 2.  Gotta go through on Insane.
  • Fifa 09.  Just haven’t played thus much at all since purchasing.
  • Halo Wars.  Same as above.  Rented it.  Played 1 skirmish.  Loved it.  Ordered it online.  Arrived last week.  Haven’t played it yet.
  • Saints Row 2.  When the new DLC comes out, going through it again on competitive co-op.
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance.  A lot to do in that, gotta go through it on hardest difficulty too I think with Risto.
  • Skate.  Played for an hour.
  • Rock Band 2.  Need to just play this more.  Hopefully get an NPP jam session soon.
  • Lego Star Wars.  The fact I don’t have 1000/1000 in that is bugging the hell out of me.  I intend on playing this, Batman & Indiana and getting those.  I’m starting to care about achievements again.
  • Call of Duty 2 & 4.  Call me a sadist, but I want to go through both of these(and probs COD 3) on veteran.  I got big balls.

So yeah – whew.  Lot of games to play.  I want to clear out my shelf of games I’m not interested in and just keep ones that I will – you know – actually fucking play.  Add in all the work I have for myself and yeah – gonna be busy times ahead.

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