Stud Heads Up – Part Deux

Posted by Scotsman on October 11, 2008 in Gambling |

I decided to take the night off tonight, and just chill out.  Risto was coming over to pick up a book so I ended up inviting him over for dinner – home made caesar salad and veggie chili, which is right up his alley as he is a vegetarian now.  After that we decided to play some 360, and put on Assassins Creed.  I bought this like a month ago for $15.  Holy shit is the beginning of this game AWFUL – I mean you spend about 90 minutes on cutscenes and tutorials before getting to the actual meat of the game.  Overall it isn’t bad – as long as you play the game in bits and pieces.  I plan on doing a mission a week approximately for the achievement challenge.

We were swapping the controller back and forth for awhile, then I decided to head onto the laptop and respond to a few e-mails for work.  I’ve been in the mood for poker lately so I brought up Full Tilt while doing that, and jumped on a $5/$10 Stud heads up game.  This was just fucking silly, because I played like 3 hands, the guy went up $30 and he fucking QUIT!  I hate hit and runners – but to hit and run over 3 big fucking bets?  Unbelievable.

I was ready to just quit but then I found an $8/$16 headsup game that I decided to try out, and I was glad I did.  It started off fairly even, but like many players my opponent couldn’t handle the swings – he was up about $300 for awhile, then I took it back in like three hands.  After that he might as well have been playing face-up, his play was so obvious.
Seriously – if money affects you that much, don’t fucking play at that level!  I might understand if it was a bit more, but its just 18 bets, variance like that should be expected in a heads up game.  He was actually a decent player up until that point, then he just collapsed.  Like he gave off the kind of tells you expect from a $2/$4 game – instabets on the river and you know he is bluffing.  Some hands:


That hand I actually missed a bet, but it was at the beginning of his “I was winning now I am losing so I am going on monkey tilt” and you can see how crazy he was playing.  Makes it a lot easier.


You can see how crazy the guy is there, raising so much.  I mean christ, he went 3 bets on 3rd and raised 5th with just jack high against my open pair of 9s!


Again – seriously, WTF?  The problem with a lot of these players is they suffer from FPS – Fancy Play Syndrome.  While if you play straight up(for the most part) you’re going to be fucking fine.  The amount of times he completed against me with nothing was crazy – or 3-bet me etc with nothing.  Whats funny is my biggest skill is hand reading – based on the cards, the way they play, the timing etc, I can pretty much narrow down their range to almost 90% certainty.  So what that ends up meaning is I make lots of sick calls and bluff bets(that I show when they fold) which just tilts them all the more.

Anyway, I finished up $1200 for the session approximately, which made for quite a nice Friday.  However it’s now 3am and I’ve got to take the kids to Thomas the fucking Tank Engine tomorrow, so I bid ye farewell for now!

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