Fuck Dedicated Servers

Posted by Scotsman on October 8, 2008 in Geek Stuff |

I’m sure the majority of you out there have a webpage these days – but I doubt many of you have your own server.  Let me tell you – it can be hell.  You pay under $10 a month(or maybe even nothing if with a free host) to some hosting company like Hostgator or Dreamhost – and you pretty much just get to do run your website, and worry about nothing else.  If you have a problem, you simply e-mail support or submit a ticket and they fix everything.  If your site gets hacked no need to worry – they do nightly backups and will get everything sorted.

Meanwhile with running a dedicated server – an unfortunate requirement due to all my websites and the bandwidth and resources they take up – I’m responsible for EVERYTHING that goes wrong.  I have to do my own backups, I have to take care of all the security upgrades – no “Fantastico” for me!  I get to deal with all the DNS nonsense etc etc etc., all for the wonderful price of over $600 a month.

What happened to NoPantsProvided.com earlier was – well this actually pretty much sums it up(I wrote this on a temp page on the site earlier):

Wow. Okay so I know WHAT the problem is, however I can’t even wrap my head around how it happened. For those who know Cpanel – when I switched from one server to another server all my sites, the hosting providers just created the DealerDanGaming.com account, and then put all the domains under that as “addon domains”. Security wise this isn’t the best thing, but at the time I just dealt with it and figured I would fix it in due course. Well for some fucking reason today it just randomly decided to remove the addon domain nopantsprovided.com from the list. No other domains were removed – just that one. However I can’t just add it again as it still thinks it is there. Something in the registry must be corrupt. Rather than try and fuck about with that I am just going to do what should’ve been done originally – set nopantsprovided.com up as a primary domain on the server. This is relatively easy to do – the only issue is I have to back everything up on my hard drive, then reupload it. This is where the time consuming bit comes in(in regard to getting NPP back up and running). The DNS change should be instant. So uh yeah – no idea why the fuck this happened, and am rather pissed about it but oh well. Sorry guys. I’d love to say this won’t take more than 2 hours.

Yeah – so that fucking sucked.  As I write this the backup is complete, and now I just have to reupload everything, configure scripts etc, set up new DNS zones BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA.  Basically a whole bunch of shit that I would rather not do, because I had set aside tonight to do something I’ve been needing to do for awhile – write some fucking content.  I’ve got about 10 articles I have to write – some of them even have goddamn deadlines! (Like my Fighting Spirit Magazine article).

Oh well – this was something that is probably a blessing in disguise – if my server had been compromised at all I would’ve been fucked royally – now I am able to make things a lot more secure, and be able to handle backups better etc.

Still – what a pain in the fucking ass.

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