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Well unfortunately I’ve got bad news – the website everyone in the world has been waiting for, “The Quest to find the best Eggs Benedict in Kingston”, is going to have to go on hold.

A lot of urgent work came up over the last few weeks which is going to keep me busy, including a few HUGE projects. One of which in particular is very lucrative and the opportunity practically fell on my lap – but it’s something I know NOTHING about so I’m going to have to spend a lot of time and energy focusing on it, and educating myself about that particular topic.

I’ve also been busy building quite a few mini-sites, like Books In Order, the sister site of Order of Books, as the latter has been doing extremely well and I wanted to capitalize on that market.

Anyway just wanted to make a short post on here to bring y’all the bad news. Also I realized I haven’t did a “Movies I’ve watched recently” review post. The last one was in February actually, christ.

Honestly I haven’t really watched many movies recently. I’ve been catching up on The Apprentice the US Version, the best show ever. I’m pretty much caught up so next is the UK version.

Anyway here’s movies I’ve watched since Feb:

Paul: I stopped this around the 50 minute mark exactly 3 fucking weeks ago, and I was unable to finish it since. It was dreadful. I FINALLY watched the rest tonight. The final act actually wasn’t half bad – actually felt like everything had a purpose, while the rest of the movies purpose was “lol watch Seth Rogan as an alien swear”. Probably *

Limitless: Pretty fun movie. Was one of those movies where it could have been way better, but was still solid. About ***1/2

Had tron on in the background today. Godawful. Not even worth rating.

Hitman: Had seen this in the theatres when it first came out. Watching it again, it was obvious how bad the story really is, with so many plot holes etc. Yet it doesn’t matter as it’s still a fucking fun movie, with some awesome action scenes. Reminds me a bit of Salt, except without a story that makes sense to really go with it. ****
Michael Clayton: Eh, pretty boring and not much to it. Solid performance from Clooney is all. *1/2
Body of Lies: Was aight, nothing special. **1/2
Panic Room: I am SHOCKED at how much I loved this movie. Story & plot wise I thought it was great, really developed well and paced strong, and had me glued. Forest Whitaker also threw in his usual fantastic performance, and his character was fine-tuned to perfection. My only problem was Kristen Stewart as she sounded and looked like a boy in the whole movie. It took about half the movie for me to realize it was actually a girl. Anyway *****
Kill Bill Vol 2: Excellent story/flow to it, and had me glued the whole time. Action scenes were solid, although after watching the scene in Vol 1 you feel just a tad disappointed. ****

I’d hated the first half of Vol 1, but having the full story(well, until Vol 3 in 2014!) in front of me now I’ll have to go back and watch that at some point as I think it would be better on a rewatch.

Super: I heard a lot of people talk about this as if it was the second coming of christ. It was mainly okay, and a few good funny parts. *** tops, Kick-Ass was better. Still worth a watch though.
Casino Jack: Not very good at all. Very dull, and didn’t live up to the expectations in the trailer. The main character(Kevin Spacey) is portrayed in the trailer as someone who is very slick, when in reality he is anything but. 1/2*
Inception: Utter garbage, turned it off after 20 minutes.
Universal Soldier: Regeneration: Everything that I hoped for. ****
The Dilemma: Man, for a comedy they really forgot the comedy aspect of it. I don’t mean it was unfunny – I mean a complete lack of any attempts at humour whatsoever. Very weird. Two funny scenes in the whole movie(intervention & dinner speech). *
Drive Angry: Fun, but nowhere near as awesome as it could’ve been. Didn’t come close to the over-the-top line that Shoot ‘Em Up set, and as crazy as Cage is he was rather subdued here. William Fichtner was awesome, and David Morse made me sad as he’s aged really badly in like 3 years. I had to imdb it just to confirm it was him. ***
Cedar Rapids: Awful, not funny at all. Just lame and dull. Total DUD.

Hall Pass: Ugh, I was looking forward to this one too. Not one laugh at all, and I dunno if Owen Wilson is balding or just had a weird hair-do for this movie but he looked fucking weird. This really sucked.

Killers: Hated this and turned it off after 20 minutes.
Erasing David: The premise of this movie is AWESOME – guy in the UK attempts to go off the grid to see how much the government know about him. Basically hires two private investigators to try and hunt him down.

Unfortunately that part of it was really lacking – the story was fucking boring. The investigators in the description of the movie are apparently “ruthless” but really are anything but. Plus David does retarded things like go to a website they e-mail him which tracks his IP.

So the majority of the documentary is really all about big brother in the UK. It’s nothing REALLY groundbreaking although there are a few interesting things, like when David requests all the data Amazon.co.uk have on him and gets like a 200 page folder back.

Worth seeing but nothing special. **1/2

Unthinkable: It’s a shame this went straight to DVD because it won’t get anywhere near the exposure it deserves. This is a fucking FANTASTIC psychological thriller.

Most of it rides on the main star Samuel L Jackson, and thankfully big Sam throws in one of the best performances of his career, fucking nailing his character which was tricky. Highly recommended. ****

Four Lions: Oh holy shit this is just a fucking funny funny funny funny movie. One of those movies that just give you legitimate fucking laughs. Dingy Rapids! *****
Source Code: Great movie as long as you don’t think too hard. ****
Date Night: Ridiculous & absurd, but surprisingly funny. A solid cast really helped it. The final act was dreadful though and dropped it from ***1/2 to ***.
The Tourist: Another movie with a misleading trailer. The trailer makes it look like another action/thriller type movie when it couldn’t be further from the truth – I’d describe it more as “laid back” and “relaxed”.

Depp and Jolie had practically zero chemistry, and Jolie has way too many “slow entrance” scenes where everyone turns to look at her – but I really didn’t find the movie as bad as the critics are making out. Maybe I went into it with low expectations due to Gervais ripping into it or something. I dunno I wouldn’t actually recommend it to people but it’s not a movie you come out of hating. Was still decent enough to see where it all goes. **1/2

Fair Game: WOW, are the trailers for this fucking misleading or what. They make it sound like an action/thriller, and are sure to mention that it involves a CIA agent before stating it’s from the director of the Bourne Identity. In reality it’s basically a documentary.

It’s funny because the trailer is built around the reveal of her being a CIA agent – yet this happens 1 hour and 5 minutes into a 1 hour 40 movie.

Also some really poor direction and writing as it just jumped around and around, told a very one-sided tale, and was very very VERY anti-Bush.

Despite all that it was enjoyable, and thanks to Michael Moore I’m able to watch these type of movies without any inaccuracies or propaghanda stopping me from enjoying a movie. ***

The Recruit: Solid movie. All the twists end up becoming a bit too predictable…but then there’s one final twist that makes for a great payoff. ****
The Mechanic: Really enjoyed this. Solid action movie with a good story and some cool action scenes, and Statham was Statham. Nothing new to the genre but well worth the watch. Was lacking in the “oh holy shit” cool action scenes that we’re seeing lately which was disappointing. ***1/2
Cube: This came highly recommended but I left rather disappointed. The ending was weak, not in a “keeps you guessing” way but more a “what a cop-out” way. Also so much of it just felt Canadian. It was okay I guess but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Exam did it much better. **1/2 at best.
The Adjustment Bureau: Thankfully I went into this knowing it was more of a romantic movie than a thriller or something like that. Based on the trailers alone I bet many people go into it thinking it’s the next Bourne movie or something.

Actually pretty decent. Probably around ***1/2

Red: Fucking AWESOME movie. I wasn’t expecting much from it at all especially after quite a few stinkers from Willis. Him and Malkovich were both fantastic in this. Highly recommended, at least ****
The Goods: I think I remember this getting PANNED when it came out which is a surprise as it was an enjoyable enough movie. It started off very funny but lost steam about halfway through. Despite that there were still some funny moments like Will Ferrells appearances and a lot of decent one liners. ***
Mission Impossible 2: If I recall correctly, a lot of people didn’t like this movie. I really enjoyed it. Loved the action scenes – John Woo is awesome at the over the top stuff. The story was meh, but I was watching it while I worked so didn’t really care too much. Tom Cruise had hot hair, Thandie Newton had nice perky tits and I liked that Ving Rhames pretty much spent the whole movie just sweating. ***
Gullivers Travels: Oh god this is so so bad. How the hell they actually got a decent cast, including Jason Segel and the guy from Boondock Saints to take part in this I do not know. Jason Segel actually throws in a solid performance too so props to him. But yeah this was awful.

Oh, plus you get to see Jack Blacks ass crack. Yep. Complete half-moon. DUD

Unstable Fables: 3 Pigs & A Baby: This was surprisingly awesome. The main voice actors are Jon Cryer, Brad Garrett, and Steve Zahn. Very fun story, and great humour. Currently Ellas favourite movie. ***

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