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…work-wise, at least.  The morning sucked actually what with that whole NPP disaster, plus actually spending time playing Superman Returns.  Someone asked me if it was WCW Thunder bad and you know what?  It may just be.  Just like WCW Thunder, Superman is a game I just have no passion for ranting about – the whole thing disgusted me.  So yeah, I would say it most definitely IS on WCW Thunder levels.

After the NPP stuff was finally done, I couldn’t be bothered with work, so decided to start off with Call of Duty 2.  Fun game, and I beat the training level and the first level, and going through the whole game on the “Hardened” skill level.  If I do that, then do just one level in Veteran, I’ll be over 500g.  I’m not the best at FPS games, but I believe with some perserverance it will be doable.

I then had a surprise when Fallout 3 came in the mail.  I wasn’t expecting it to be mailed out from Amazon till tomorrow.  It’s put me in a rough spot because I know I am going to get super hooked on that game, but I wanted to work on COD 2 more, as well as finish up Saints Row 2 before I get it.  Oh well I will manage.

I wasn’t in the mood for gaming or work, so I put away the laundry I’d did today, and decided to go through my clothes and throw out some as there is a ton I don’t wear.  However I then decided to go into bed and watch an episode of King of Queens(which I’ve been in the mood to watch lately) and ended up falling asleep for a couple of hours.

After waking up, I went out with the wife and her friends to Fort Henry, which had their annual “Fort Fright” thing going on, where they turn the fort into basically a haunted house.  Thanks to my mad hookups I got us in for free and was glad I did, because it wasn’t worth the money at all.  Some stupid guys walking about in zombie costumes and skeletons everywhere – some of it was pretty neat but nothing scary, and it was extremely short too.  We paid for a babysitter for 2 and a half hours, and we ended up being finished there within 25 minutes.  Meh.

Came home, and was feeling motivated so got straight to work, focusing on moving all the old databases over to the new locations, and then doing a lot of cleanup on the server.  I also did something that was very important – I moved one of my sites, Ultimate Poker Bankroll, from one Content Management System(Geeklog) to another(Joomla) about 6 months ago.  However the old URLs were still ranking in google, and I noticed recently I got hit with a duplicate content penalty.  So I spent some time doing 301 redirects for the old URLs – as an example visit this URL:


And look in the address bar and you’ll see that the URL has changed – a 301 redirect basically redirects one URL to the other.  So this way it will all be updated in search engines, and no more duplicate content penalty.  Yay!  I had to do that for about 50 pages so it was quite the task.

Still got some database work to do, and I focused on getting the old Scotsmanality forums back up and running.  During that time I got in the mood to play some Burnout Revenge and did that tonight, and I still am dreaming of getting 500+ in that.  It’s going to be extremely difficult, but I do believe it is possible, and will try my damndest.  Although me and Brando agree we can take that one off the list because it costs us both $20 and we’ve put many, many hours of fun into it.  However I’m going to keep it on there for now, just to see if I can get that 500+.

As for Friday – I’ve got a lot of stuff planned, and not sure exactly what to do.  The one thing I have to do is go downtown to hit up the bank and withdraw some money, as well as go to the post office where I’ve got some parcels waiting for me, and have to mail my mum a DVD of photos.  Other than that – well, I have a ton of work I should be doing – ideally I want to finish cleaning up the servers, get my boy Frank the data list he needs for a project we are working on, do some payments that are needed, and write up and send an interview for an affiliate manager.  However on the other hand, I really want to play some more Burnout Revenge, Call of Duty 2 and of course Fallout 3.  I also have a library book I have to read in the morning(151 quick ideas for advertising on a shoestring), as I have to return that tomorrow too.  Oh, and did I mention I have content articles I really should write – I especially need to update Poker Affiliate Bible.

Well, we’ll see – right now it’s off to bed, and hopefully up bright and early to start on this massively busy day.

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