Well thank you Newegg.ca…

Posted by Scotsman on November 6, 2008 in Life |

…for your very fast shipping.  I decided to get some more ram for my computer, and usually order through NCIX.  Newegg recently opened a Canadian site though, and I compared them to NCIX.  They were $20 cheaper, but shipping said it’d take 10 days as opposed to NCIX and their 2 days.  However I decided to wait the extra week as it wasn’t really important, and went with Newegg, ordering it on the weekend – and it arrived today!  Sweet deal.  So I installed that, although it still didn’t help the problem I am having which caused me to buy it in the first place – that being all music and video basically skipping and stuttering whenever I try to do anything else at the same time(ie: browse the web).  Sigh.  A reformat is in order methinks.

As for what else I did today?  Sadly, Fallout fucking 3.  I woke up at 8 and was still feeling tired, to migrated to the couch for a bit and decided to turn on the 360 for “an hour” max.  I ended up playing it straight through till 6pm, skipping breakfast and dinner.  Awful.  My 360 has been acting up lately, freezing and shit like that and I’ve already ordered my coffin – I’ll be glad to have it out of the house for a week I think.

My NBA Tips site is off to a good start with a 2-0 win tonight to put us at 4-1 for picks.  Long may it continue.

After finally turning off Fallout 3, I installed the ram then watched the WEC event.  I only had 3 bets on, Mike Brown, Leonard Garcia and Chael Sonnen.  All 3 won, and Brown in particular was a nice one, as I managed to get on him at about +500, so a very nice little payday, and a great gambling day overall.

I also did work tonight, although it was mostly personal work as I was organizing my Itunes playlists.  I’m really anal in regard to things like this, as I just HAVE to have the whole thing organized perfectly.

I’m also a bit pissed off at the bank I use for all my business stuff.  They decided to stop incoming wire transfers, but decided not to actualy tell their customers that.  Oh thanks a lot guys I only transfer six figures a month to the account, why would I care if you don’t accept them any more!  Of course I had made a wire transfer there on October 17th for about $15k from Moneybookers, and it never showed up.  So it wasn’t until I e-mailed them to ask where my money was that they told me.  Excellent.  So then I called them up, and asked where my money actually was.  They said it was rejected and sent back to Moneybookers.  Moneybookers said they haven’t received a thing.  And now?  Well – now neither company is responding to any of my e-mails at all, and I’m currently out $15k.  Fucking assholes.  It blows my mind that in this day and age, people still get treated like this.  I’m getting sick of banks in general at the moment, and am seriously considering pulling everything out of my banks and investments and just hiding it under my fucking mattress.

Anyhoo – I better get to bed.  Then up tomorrow hopefully for more work, although most likely Fallout 3 will be my #1 priority.  Sigh.  Fucking game.  Current To Do List: 33. Shit.  How the hell did it jump 12 items in one fucking day.

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