What a morning…

Posted by Scotsman on November 7, 2008 in Life |

…I feel like I’m Dr. Phil.  Except not bald, and nowhere near as good looking.  Seriously – if I was a chick I’d totally fuck that dude.

Anyhoo – like 8 months ago I lent a female friend $2000.  I hate lending friends money and swear never to do it again as it always results in bad experiences, but I’m always too weak and end up doing it.  I mean – she’s in her 30s, married with two kids and just had her utilities and all that cut off, so I felt really bad.  I did wonder how someone who earns $30 an hour working for the government, who also has a husband that is a bigwig in a departmant store here could actually get that way – but whatever, it’s not my place to judge, and if anything that really helped me to lend the money, thinking that they just hit a bad run, and I’d be able to get it back promptly.

Well – I got $500 about 2 months later, and I’m still waiting for the rest and was worried she had forgotten about it.  I’ve not brought it up until today – I sent her an e-mail just asking if she knew when she’d have the money, no pressure or anything.  Well she calls me, and is in tears on the phone.  She broke up with her husband 5 years ago but they got back together for the kids, and when you do something like that – yeah it doesn’t work out.  So she is on the phone crying, talking about how her marriage is a sham, it’s loveless and they don’t even talk to each other anymore, that she just wants to kill herself etc.  So I had to give her a bunch of counselling there.  It’s scary, but I’m pretty certain if I hadn’t e-mailed her or talked to her today she could’ve killed herself on the weekend, so I’m glad I did.  Of course the money was never brought up, and fuck knows when I will be getting it back.  Oh well.

As soon as I hung up on her, another female friend called.  She’s been dating a buddy of mine for going on 10 years now, and she was also in tears because they just broke up.  Apparently the guy, John, accused her of cheating on him….with another woman!  She’s been hanging around with this girl Pam a lot who is bisexual, and he just up and left this morning.  They’ve had minor bumps in the road before, but I could tell this one was serious.

So then I called John, and I got the real story, which is that HE is the one fucking Pam, and somehow decided to accuse her of fucking her instead.  Sigh, what a mess.  The worst thing is people come to me about all this kind of stuff all the fucking time, and I’m tired of wasting my breath on them because they never listen to my advice anyway, even though my advice is awesome.  Oh well fuck em, hope they all die.

2 hours till Gears of War 2!!!

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