Why I Love My Life

Posted by Scotsman on November 21, 2008 in Life |

First, Football Manager.  I hate it, but oh I love it so much.  It gives my life meaning.  Oh I know – I have two kids, but unless you’ve played Football Manager, you just have no idea how much joy you get out of it, especially when your hard work in the game actually pays off.  And when you’re not playing the game, you’re thinking about it, thinking about tactics, people to buy, etc.  It’s so awfully addictive, and that’s both good and bad.  Overall though, it just makes my life that much more enjoyable, and at the end of the day I am glad because of it.  Sadly I ended up playing it most of the fucking night while watching NBA instead of doing work, but oh well.

Second, we have my life in general.  With no bosses to report to, working on my own has lots of benefits.  One of the major benefits is that theoretically I can go wherever and whenever I want.  I currently have two friends who do internet marketing as well, and they both just up and left to go to Argentina for an undetermined amount of time just to party and work from there.  Of course I have the family so I can’t exactly do this, but I do have a lot of freedom.  So that’s why I got to have this conversation with Marky Mark, who lives in Edmonton:

Mark: “Hey guess what!  Norm(MacDonald) is coming to Edmonton!”
Me: “Get me a ticket.”

And that’s that.  I had no idea when he was coming, but it doesn’t matter.  I can up and leave whenever I want, and fly to Edmonton in 7 hours.  No vacation time to request, no work to clear before I go –  I could hop on the plane tomorrow if I wanted to.  As it is, Norm will be in Edmonton on January 24th the day after my birthday, so I’ll fly up there on my birthday.  Norm is doing THREE shows on the same night, and we have fucking tickets to all of them, and hopefully thanks to some hookups will be marked VIP, and I can achieve my dream of actually smoking a spliff with Norm.  That would be the greatest fucking moment of my life.  In case you can’t tell, Norm is my favourite comedian bar none.

Funny thing – when booking my flight for about $600, I decided to see what first class would cost.  Well first class would cost $6500, but instead of a six hour flight it was a FIFTEEN HOUR FLIGHT that went through Mexico City.  Lol lol lol lol LOL.  Seriously, who in their right minds would do that?

Why else do I love my life?  Well I put $1k on the Lakers tonight, and they covered.  And I put $200 on both Celtics and Lakers to cover.  Well at least I thought I did.  OOPS MAYBE NOT.  No instead of $200, I put $2,000……

and both fucking covered.  SHIP IT.

Of course, I don’t love everything about my life.  For example, Current To Do List: 74.  Sigh.

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