Masons first karate lesson

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Well Mason took his first step today on his journey to becoming an MMA superstar, as he had his first karate lesson. Although he isn’t a Daniel-san yet, I must consider it a success because he lasted the full 30 minutes without killing anyone, or saying the word “fuck”(which he has recently picked up – I shat a brick when he came up to me and said “Dad I want a fucking popsicle”).

Before I get into it all though, as people can find this site via search engine – if you are looking for a great karate teacher in Kingston for children, please feel free to contact me.  This karate school was highly recommended to us, and after just one lesson I can see why.

So yeah – Masons first karate lesson.  There wasn’t much to it – they ran from one wall to another for a bit, then they rotated around the gym, and would stop to punch, kick or chop pads depending on the colour.  They also got to do a running flying kick on a punching bag which was pretty funny.  Of course every class has that one kid who is better than everyone else – while all the other kids are running around laughing and giggling, this little cunt is going all cro-cop on the punching bag etc.  Quite amusing.  He goes two times a week, and hopefully will learn enough discipline to move to BJJ at an early age.

There was one dad who came to the class who was just the most annoying fuck ever – he was a skidball, and he told the sensei he wanted his kid to learn how to fight.  Well the sensei want off on him, about how karate isn’t about fighting etc, and the dude was just like “Yeah well we’ll agree to disagree then”.  Yeah that’s always the sign of intelligence – getting a fucking sensei pissed off.  Anyway with all the parents around this guy kept bouncing from one to the other, just talking to them non-stop and boring the shit out of everyone.  I zoned most of it out, but apparently his kid is wired, his ex-girlfriend(and the mother of the kid) wants to put the kid on ritalin, and he decided to go with karate instead.

There was that issue I ALWAYS have with things like this though – I wrote about this way back on NPP – when I took Mason for swimming lessons, I was amazed at the parents who didn’t even watch their kids.  They were eating hungry man dinners, studying, on their computers, everything but watch their kids.  Well it was the same fucking deal here.  There was about 12 parents and I think me and the wife were the only people actively watching our kids.  People were talking, reading books, one dude just stared out the window the whole time.

What’s funny is a lot of them talked about how their kids are “problem childs”.  Guess what boneheads?  Maybe if you start being a fucking parent, you won’t have a goddamn problem child.  Is it that much of a problem to sit and watch your kid in a karate lesson for 30 minutes?  For fucks sake.

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