I’m a little pissed off just now…

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…which is the benefit of the blog I guess, so I can do little rants about things.  First for those wondering, my to do list is down to 2 items which is a bunch of content writing.  I’ll hopefully get to it Tuesday as I took the day off Monday.

So yeah, I’m pissed off.  Nothing major – just a bunch of small shit that when it all happens one after the other, it really adds up.  Let’s start off with my bank and Moneybookers.  I wrote about this on November 6, where I did a $15k bank transfer from Moneybookers to my bank, only to find out my bank didn’t accept wire transfers anymore.  Well this was dating back to October 17th when I originally requested the transfer, and I still don’t have my money.  5 times now, I have asked Moneybookers to do a trace, and 5 times they have said “Please wait 5 business days then send us your account statement in case it shows up”.  I’ve told them I’ll pay for the trace myself, and they just say “wait 5 business days”.  Hey, it’s been over 30 business days, I’m pretty sure my money is lost and can you please take $30 out of my account, pay for a goddamned trace, and get me fifteen thousand fucking dollars.  Seriously.

Also last night, someone on a business forum I frequent that I respect asked if anyone could record the sixty minutes pokie documentary for them, as they wanted to share it with non-US people and they’d throw a link in for any of the peoples sites.  Well even though I was busy, I decided what the hell, I recorded it, I did some minor editing, then I wasted my bandwidth uploading it, and sent him the link.  He didn’t use it, he didn’t even respond to my message.  Seriously – just show some fucking courtesy and don’t act like such a flake.

Also in a previous update I wrote about an e-mail a dude called Dave sent me from a poker room, asking to explain to him about an exclusive deal I had.  Well we had an e-mail exchange where I was very polite, and he was a complete and utter cock.  He wanted the correspondence with that room, and I asked him why I should send private correspondence to another competing room.  He said if I don’t reply to his next e-mail with that correspondence he knows the deal doesn’t exist.  I said “Whatever dude” and he replied saying thanks for confirming that it doesn’t exist, and if it does “turn up”(yep, in quotations) to e-mail him at the address of the poker room I set the deal up with.  So yep, he works for both of them, and he was being a huge cunt for reasons I don’t understand.

So whatever I ignored him – then I get an e-mail from a dude called Lou from the original poker room, not related to the correspondence I had with Dave, wanting to be my #1 poker room, and asking how he can make that happen.  I responded “Well maybe if your colleagues like Dave don’t go around accusing me of being a liar that could’ve happened” and suddenly I get an e-mail from the HEAD OF MARKETING or some such nonsense, telling me Lou didn’t deserve to be spoken to like that, and bla bla bla.  I basically told him to fuck off.  Seriously, such fucking psychos.

Alright what else is going on?  Well I called Samsung again today.  Back in August I called them because my two dual monitors, that cost almost $1000 each had yellow discoloration on both of them.  Googling, I found this to be a common problem.  So I called them back in August, they said they’d ship out two new monitors, all they needed was the receipt.  So I e-mailed it to them as requested, never heard anything back.  Called 2 weeks later, they said they never received it and to e-mail again.  I e-mailed it 6 times, every time getting the same response that they never got it, even when I made it to the attention of the people I was dealing with.  So I started faxing it.  Still they weren’t receiving it.  So I called today, I pointed out that I had e-mailed 15 times, faxed 4 times, and I’ve been ridiculously fucking patient, and I want my two goddamned monitors now.  Well the guy responds asking me to e-mail the receipt again.  I spoke to someone higher up, who guess what, was able to go into the system and find every e-mail and fax I had sent in.  For whatever reason, they weren’t attaching the document to the case files.  Goddamn fucking idiots.  After all that, he said the receipt wasn’t readable and to send it in again.  Sigh.

Wish the rant ended there.  Long story short, my XBox 360 has gone missing.  I sent it, it arrived there fine, repair website status is that they are still sending me the box.  I called today, spoke to an idiot who didn’t know what was going on, and then said that “these things have a habit of turning up”.  Oh good, I do hope the $400 electronic equipment I bought doesn’t break that habit.  Fucking clowns.

Also why is it that all these places you call, say their computer system is slow?  It happens every fucking time – “this might take a minute, the computer system is really slow”.  No it fucking isn’t.  When you here that, you know they are bullshitting.  What that actually means is “HI I AM AN INCOMPETENT EMPLOYEE WHO KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT MY JOB, AND I HAVE TO CLOSE SOLITAIRE AND FIGURE OUT HOW TO WORK THIS FANCY SYSTEM.”  Fucking scumbags.

The sad thing about all of this?  In my younger days, I always felt in situations like this the only resolution was to resort to violence.   I remember a store manager at Radio Shack was being a condescending prick to me, and I jumped over the counter at him.  Guess what?  It worked.  I remember a restaurant I did a web design for, and they hadn’t paid me the money yet despite constant e-mails and phone calls.  So I went into the restaurant when it opened at 7am with Risto, who can be a big scary dude when he wants to be, and basically let them know I wasn’t leaving without my money.  Guess what?  It worked.

Yet when I had Mason, I decided to try and teach him that violence wasn’t the answer to everything.  I didn’t what my son growing up with the same sort of lifestyle that I did.  As you have to practise what you preach, I try and be as patient and polite with everyone.  Yet I look at that laundry list of issues I currently have, and I can currently think is if I went around beating the fuck out of these people with a bat, I would have a lot less problems.

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