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Posted by Scotsman on December 3, 2008 in Life |

…I hear them saying…and it gets better every day.

Awesome song by Madness.

So yeah, I was feeling a bit blah yesterday, when I made the blog post then thread on NPP.  In all honestly, I’ve went through a hell of a lot of shit in my life, had many highs and lows, and over the years have generally tried to be a very optimistic, happy person who trys to make everyone else around him happy.  Usually anything that gets me down I can quickly shake off.  Unfortunately yesterday, things just seemed to pile up.  Really what I should have done is crack open some beers, listen to I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister and life would have been good, however I decided to do a little rant all about it instead.  Meh, whatever, I got it out and now it’s time to move on.

I should note BTW that I think I got a bit carried away with my talking yesterday – I really don’t think I’m someone that has went “nice” to the point that I get fucked over; I do think I could be more strict and disciplined though in regard to not letting people take advantage of my good nature.  But that’s what life is all about – you can’t make up for previous mistakes, but you can learn from them and make yourself a better person.

So anyhoo – Tuesday.  Well I slept in today unfortunately.  I went to bed last night and one TV station had like six episodes of The Office in a row on, so I ended up watching most of them before passing out.  I woke up just in time to get ready, then Risto was banging on my door as we had to go Christmas shopping.  I had a good day, and got quite a few things I needed to.  I think the rest I am just going to order online due to prices though.

Also I picked up some DVDs at Walmart, and as the cashier was ringing them through, one of them she tried three times, and it didn’t release the security tag thing.  So she shrugged and put it in my bag anyway.  I knew what this meant – it meant that I was going to set off the alarm when I went through the doors to leave, and have a Walmart door greeter chasing after me.  These are little battles in life however, that I think we need to have and win just to keep us going.  So off I went, storming through the door, setting off the alarm, seeing the greeter in the door reflection get up and move towards me, and I just kept fucking walking.  Sorry bitch, but I ain’t gonna stop and waste my time due to the incompetence of your fucking employee.  I remember the last time this happened the door greeter actually chased me halfway down the street.  One of these days I just pray for someone to think I am a shoplifter and try and take me down, so I can go all KIMBO SLICE~! on their motherfucking ass.

So yeah, overall it was a great day.  Had taco bell at lunch, bought DVDs, and also got some nice Affliction and Xtreme Couture shirts.  Unfortunately I didn’t do any work Monday OR Tuesday, so I got a million things to do tonight.  I’m going to wrap presents first of all, and then I got a bunch of e-mails etc to go through and a ton of other shit.  Hopefully I won’t be up too late.

As for TV watching these days – I’m still working my way through The Ultimate Fighter.  Just about at the semi-finals on season 4.  Mad About You – unfortunately, Jamie now had the baby, so my wife wants to watch the remaining two seasons with me, so I’ll be progressing slow at that.  How I Met Your Mother – we just finished Season 2 Disc 1, and oh holy shit was the SWARLEY episode just awesome.

I’m probably just going to focus on blasting through The Ultimate Fighter over the next few days, then go from there.  I’m going to have to try a few episodes of the Sopranos soon, because if I really like that show then I’m gonna fill my Ipods up with it, for my many January flights.

Anyhoo – back to wrapping, come cleaning up, some work, some TUF, and god knows what else.

Life is good 🙂

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