Motivation is such a funny thing

Posted by Scotsman on December 9, 2008 in Life |

(I wrote this Sunday night but due to the server issues and slow DNS updates I couldn’t get to post it till today)

Motivation is such a funny thing.

Over the past 2 months, I’ve been so fucking busy, working crazy hours etc, focusing on my to do list, as well as launching a few new sites.  In the last week I’ve finally got to the stage where I feel caught up, and so I had thought about basically taking most of December off, relaxing and just not worrying about work etc.  Actually to be honest, over the last week I’ve started to feel some burnout, as I’ve been staying up late.  I generally like to be awake from 6am-10pm, but lately I’ve been doing 6am-2am, and the lack of sleep finally caught up with me, and I’ve been crashing about 4am and then waking up at noon every day.

I hate waking up late.  I fucking hate it so much.  I feel like the day is gone, I don’t get motivated, I jsut hate it so much.  So yeah, I’ve been suffering burnout, and a bit of lack of motivation, so decided to take a break for most of December.

This break started today.  I spent most of the day just writing about my trip in Barcelona for NPP.  While this doesn’t seem like a break, you have no idea how much I love writing that kind of thing.  I write lots of content for my websites, and I have to focus strongly on search engine optimization, do a ton of research etc. before I even pen an article.  So it is so nice to sit back, relax, write my usual style and just not give a shit.  That article is done, dusted, and will be up on NPP as soon as the hard drive switch is complete.

So after writing that, me and Mason and Ella all played with their toys – for 2 hours.  2 hours of just bashing each others star wars figures, throwing a ball at each other, playing tag(Ella is hilarious at this, as she’ll just run into the corner and is easy pickings), and we even built a slide going down the stairs, and raced cars down it.

After the kids were in bed, the wife went to watch Desperate Housewives.  I decided to go relax in a bath, and read.  The book in question was The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin – and all I can say is holy shit.  I read the whole thing within the hour, and it was just fucking awesome.  Not only was it entertaining, but when you read everything that this guy has done, his efforts to improve himself etc – oh holy shit.  This is one of the most motivational books I’ve read, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs that little extra kick up the arse in life.

So after all that, what did I do?  Jump out of bed, and start coming up with tons of ideas and plans.  I thought about the fact that quality is quantity, but decided that success can be either.  By that, I mean I have about 50 domains just sitting there doing nothing until the day comes I decide to work on them, and I think that day is now.  I mean really – I should be able to build a fucking website in one day if I really need to.  Building a website shouldn’t be a dragged out operation(Vin – take note) – you come up with ideas, you put it on paper, then you turn it into a website.  All you need is that motivation, and thanks to Benjamin Franklin, I have that.

So now here I am wired at 12:30am.  A relaxing bath should have meant a nice easy sleep – instead thanks to Franklin, it means a restless sleep, as I struggle to get to sleep in hopes of waking up the very next day and getting the fuck to work.

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