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Posted by Scotsman on December 16, 2008 in Life |

Amazon are seriously so fucking awesome – it’s so rare to see customer service like they provide in this day and age, especially coming from the worlds largest online retailer.  I think any businesses can learn from Amazon though, and realize one of the reasons they ARE the worlds largest online retailer is the way they treat customers.

Awhile ago, I had bought DVDs from them.  They never arrived.  I e-mailed them, and they said “Oh, we’ll send out the DVDs again“.  That was it.  No questioning me, no “Please wait a month while we trace it“.  Just we’ll send it out again, we trust ya.  I ended up receiving my original order a month later, and promptly sent it back like the good samaritan that I am.  Compare this to Future Shop – I ordered something from them once, and it never showed up.  When I contacted them they basically accused me of trying to steal it from them or something, giving me a ton of attitude to the point that I said fuck you, and just did a credit card chargeback.  I never did receive that item.

Well Amazon have did it again.  I placed an order last night for some presents for the wife for Christmas.  It was over $40 so I was able to get the free shipping.   20 minutes after placing the order, I realized I wanted to add a book to the order at $8.99.  I went to add it but was unable to as it had already entered the shipping process.  I figured that was a mistake and so e-mailed them about it, asking if they could add it to the order.

Nope” they said, as they had already processed my order.  However all I had to do was order the book, and choose the priority shipping method(At $5.99).  They’d waive the shipping fee, AND would upgrade my original order to priority shipping free of charge.

Seriously.  That is fucking awesome,  and something they didn’t have to do, but is something I truly appreciate.  Now whenever I am ordering something and it is the same prize at Amazon as it is at say Best Buy or Chapters, I’ll always go through Amazon just because of that.

In other news – that Scotsmanality database thing is bugging me.  I really can’t focus until I fix it, because I’m worried I’ve lost all my articles.  I think I have located an older backup, so am in the process of trying to split that into smaller files now then upload it.  So who knows – maybe this will be a Merry Mystress season after all.

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