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Posted by Scotsman on December 30, 2008 in Life |

Well I haven’t been on the computer too much over the few days.  I went through that wonderful illness of throwing everything up for a week, and I just haven’t been too motivated the last few days, especially with my moms dog dying.  So let’s try and catch up:

Work: I have no idea what I have did these last few days, but it really wasn’t work.  I haven’t even played video games or read books either, I guess just spending time with the family.  It’s funny but this is why I love achievements so much in video games, and especially the achievement challenge – it actually makes playing video games feel like I am accomplishing something, as dumb as that sounds.  I’m just someone that really has to be doing something 24/7 – I’m never able to relax.

Looking at my to do list, I have 18 items on it I have to do.  I’m going to create a small goal to try and get this all done by New Years.  It’ll be difficult – some of it is going to require a lot of work, but I see no reason if I work hard and don’t get distracted I can’t do it.  I won’t bother listing everything now but maybe later once I have made headway on the list we’ll go from there.

Moms Dog: Well my mom/sisters dog died as I mentioned in the last article.  It was kind of my dog too, but thankfully being away from it makes this a lot easier to take.  It suffered from epilepsy and that may have been the cause in its death.  It had fits on a monthly basis, and at midnight the other night it had a fit, then seemed fine, then just died about 6 hours later.  Instantly too.  very fucking scary.

I was going to send flowers, but meh – they don’t seem like the right thing to send for this type of “occasion”.  I ended up buying them a new upconverting DVD player, as well as the complete series of One Foot in the Grave, Keeping Up Appearances, Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Em and Frasier.  Cost me about $750 and I know my mom will be mad at me for spending all that but meh – I can’t think of any better distraction than hundreds of hours of comedy gold.

NFL Pickem: I never finished the story.  Long story short, I went into the Broncos game needing them to cover +8.  They didn’t, I lost by exactly one point.  Then just before I sent the money I looked into things more, and realized that he had tallied his points from week 1 wrong, so it was actually a tie, and so no money was given away.  Whew, close one.

TV Shows: Not really been watching much lately.  Just getting started on the Ultimate Fighter Season 7, and we watched the end of season 2 of How I Met Your Mother – great stuff.

Smoking: After watching It’s a Wonderful Life for the NPP Top Movies list, it made me think a bit about my life, and how everything I can do can impact others.  I also thought about the fact that me dying of lung cancer may just have a negative effect on my family, specifically the wife and kids.  Although I DO have a big life insurance policy.  However I’m going to start cutting down on smoking.  I don’t plan on quitting completely – I still thoroughly enjoy it.  But by cutting down to 2-3 smokes a day, It’d actually make smoking more enjoyable, as those cigarettes I would have would be fucking phenomenal, so that’s the goal at any rate.

Food: I’ve also decided to go back to being a vegetarian again.  No rhyme or reason to it really – I’m just going to be feasting on beans and salad exclusively for the next month, as I try and lose some weight and get into shape.

Alright, time to try and do some fucking work.

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