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Posted by Scotsman on February 18, 2009 in Life |

Well I’ve spent most of the last two days working on the NPP forums, adding more plugins, cleaning up the code etc.  That kept me nice and busy, although I fell behind in a lot of real work.  Still the main thing is I get the forums running as smoothly as possible, then I can basically let the forums coast for awhile.  Hopefully I’ll get that finished today, because I’ve spent too much time on something that makes me no moolah 🙁

The “movies while I work” stuff has been going very well so far.  On Monday I watched Lucky Number Slevin which was fantastic, and yesterday I watched Swingers for the first time, which was also incredible.  Whenever I finish a movie, I decide on what rating I would give it(from 0 stars to 5 stars, half stars included) and then I submit it on Movielens.  That site is meant to recommend movies to you, based on your tastes for other movies.  The best part about it though is just seeing what it predicts for the movie you just watched.  For Lucky Number Slevin it said ****1/2 but I personally felt ****, however still very close.  For Swingers, it said **** which I completely agreed with.  The first 2/3 of that movie were phenomenal, but it really dragged in the last 1/3, especially that whole dancing scene crap.  Did we really need to see them dancing for 10 goddamn minutes?

Anyhoo solid movies, and hopefully the run of good movies continues today although no idea what I will watch next.

I also rented Avatar for the 360 yesterday.  I feel so dirty.  The 1000 points I got from it were awful – it was just so ridiculous.  At least when I got 750 in NHL 2K6 it meant I had to do something(although nothing too hard).  In Avatar it was brutal, as it takes longer to load the game than get the achievement.  If I could delete achievements I would go back and delete those because it just doesn’t feel right.  Thankfully I’ve at the very least learned my lesson, and won’t be going out looking up all those old sports games.

But christ, I feel so dirty.

I started playing Skate yesterday.  I’ve read a lot about it from when it first came out, and understand that it has a strong learning curve to it – I just hope I pick it up sooner rather than later.  I was having problems doing a fucking kickflip into a manual, then a flip out of a manual.  Like seriously – I must have tried that about 20 times.  My skating video game history is basically Tony Hawk 1, 2 and 3 so this is quite the change.  So far I am not enjoying it at all, but I’m expecting that to change.

Alright – I’m going to go do me some real work.  Hey did I mention NBATips.net went 6-0 last night???


  • Vin says:

    That’s the best thing about Netflix. It has ratings and “ratings for users like you”. For instance Step Brothers gets 3.5 stars, but users like me would give it 4 which is pretty much correct (if only for the Billy Joel cover band.) I’m also going to give Spaced 4.9 stars because it’s from the guys who brought me Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz which to me means, move to top of my queue.

  • Scotsman says:

    That’s pretty neat about Netflix. I wonder how deep the algorithm is though – the movielens one is really strong and really more detailed.

    Also it is so freaky you mentioned Step Brothers – out of the 100+ movies I have sitting here – that’s the one I’m actually watching right now.

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