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Posted by Scotsman on April 28, 2009 in Life |

Well….that sucked.

Long story short – went to bed Friday at 4am.  Had a big work day planned, so slept for 4 hours.  Got up, showered, went downstairs and it was doomsday – my internet was dead.  I called Cogeco, who said that it was because my modem was dead, and if I wanted one before Monday I had to go get a new one myself.  So I went and did that – and the AC Adaptor they gave me didn’t even fucking work.  I have spares however and I tried one – still no internet.

So I was without internet till Monday afternoon.  The reason?  Apparently someone ripped the cable that goes from the telephone pole to my house.  The guy says that it looks like someone must’ve ripped it down, although it’s possible a truck did it.  Either way yeah – that fucking sucks.

So now I am super behind.  It’s 5;30pm EST Tuesday as I write this.  I leave for Edmonton in 12 hours – and I planned on having so much shit done before then, and now I am fucking swamped.  Blah.  I wanted to have lots done so I could easily relax on this trip, especially with the Fallout 3 DLC awaiting me upon my return.

Oh well nothing I can do now.  I am pulling an all-nighter so I should be able to handle lots of stuf, and I will have my internet at Marks so no big deal I guess.  Still a bit of a bummer though.

Being without internet was nice though.  Although it’d never happen, I’d love to be able to every 4 weeks give myself a week off from the internet(bar important work stuff).  Sadly I’m a workaholic – but it’s one of those little pipe dreams I’ll hold onto – that 1 in every 4 weeks I’ll not use the internet for anything except important e-mails.  The more I type that, the more I think it actually IS possible, and is something I would really like to do, but meh I know I won’t.

Anyway…….off to work, and then for my tradition – sometime in the 24 hours before a flight, I watch Home Alone again.  I’ve seen that movie at least 500-600 times(no joke) and it’s so awesome every time.  I like to watch it before I fly anywhere, so that if my plane happens to crash and I get burnt alive, my last memories will be of Macaulay Culking saying “Buzz, your girlfriend….WOOF!”

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