Busy as a bee, oh how I ache for you Fallout 3

Posted by Scotsman on May 7, 2009 in Life |

Remember my update last week on my blog?  Where I said that I’d come home from Edmonton this Tuesday, just in time to engross myself in the new Fallout 3 DLC, and finally go through my 2nd playthrough as a bad guy, something I have been fucking dreaming about as soon as I finished my 1st playthrough?

Yeah.  Hasn’t happened yet.  Not because I didn’t feel like it – I’ve seriously turned on the XBox 360 at least 10 times, so tempted to start it, then turn it off right away because I just have so much fucking work to do.  I even bought the Broken Steel DLC on Tuesday – yet haven’t even played it yet.

When I got back on Tuesday I spent all day catching up with my e-mails, as I had got behind, as well as do a few website upgrades.  I was jetlagged as fuck, yet I stayed up all day pretty much and just worked worked worked.  I was up till about 3am.

Wednesday was more of the same.  I decided not to go to bed until I had cleared my priority to do list, which had got cluttered with about 35 items.  So I was up at 8am, and worked until 4am with barely any breaks at all.  Yep, nice fucking 20 hour session, yet I enjoyed every minute of it.  What can I say – I just fucking love working.  THat’s something you really need for this business – a passion for it above all else.

I also spent some time buying some new domain names, and doing renewals.  That was fun – dropping about $600 at Godaddy in one shot.  Fuck.

I grabbed four hours sleep, and woke up today(Thursday) at 8am, raring to go.  With my priority to do list done, I decided to work on 3 of my websites that really needed some work done.  Rakeback Resource took me all morning, as I worked on a lot of promos, coding and stuff, and spoke with my coder about future work needed.

I then bought PHPBayPro, which is an ebay plugin for WordPress.  Basically it adds ebay auctions to articles in WordPress, based on the content that is there.  Check this DVD Deals page or this NBA Tips page to see what I mean as I spent all day implementing it on there.

So I did a bunch of work on the DVD Deals site, then I worked on NBATips.net.  Long story short – the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) there SUCKED.  I made major fuckups that I didn’t realize until a month in – like title tags and shit like that were ALL the same.  See – when I create a site, I like to spend a month after it’s created just adding content, not worrying about anything else.  Well BIG OOPS when I saw this was messed up.

Yet….I couldn’t change it.  As we were #1 in google for huge NBA related phrases, getting 2000-3000 unique visitors a day.  If I changed it even the slightest I ran the risk of losing those rankings, and believe me – I’ve been in that situation before.

However I’ve built up an NBA Tips mailing list of over 20,000 members, so I’ve got that to fall back on, so I spent a few hours today working on the SEO of NBATips.net, as well as a few design changes etc.

I also managed to pick up the domain DealerDan.com for just $100.  Mother fucking SCORE.  I woulda paid four figures for that 😉

I’ve been keeping myself sane by watching Spin City episodes.  On Season 2 just now – such a fun little show, and easy to watch while doing other stuff.

I was going to write about my schedule over the next week, but I’ve made some toast and rice krispies, and am off to watch this weeks How I Met Your Mother.  Pip pip!

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