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So I’m subscribed to a mailing list from my local library – Kingston Frontenac Public Library.  Once a month, I get an e-mail from them listing new books in the Thrillers and Suspense category.  It also has a section every month where it’s like “If you liked this author, try these authors”, as well as a few other random books.  Here’s an example:


So every month I get this.  However – although I’m a big reader, I find it hard to try new authors.  My favourite authors are John Grisham, Lee Child, Stephen Hunter, James Patterson, David Baldacci and Brad Meltzer.  Over the last few years, I can’t think of any other authors I have actually read.  Outside of those authors, I’ll read books on search engine optimization, sports betting etc.  When it comes to fiction however, I always stick with those guys.

However I always have good intentions to read other authors, so I have a “Books” mailbox folder and I put these e-mails into that mailbox, with the intention of going through them and finding new authors…..I don’t know; eventually I guess.

So I do this every month.  Today I wondered how long it’d been since I was on this mailing list, never having even looked at one of these e-mails.  I figured it was a few months or something:


In case you can’t read that – that’s from NOVEMBER 2006.  I have been subscribed to this fucking thing for OVER TWO YEARS and I haven’t even read one goddamn e-mail.  Yet I’m not going to unsubscribe because MAYBE ONE DAY I will actually try a new goddamn author, and then I have like 600 e-mails to go through and peruse.  Lucky me.

Also – there’s an e-mail in there from Vin.  He’s talking about the Mick Foley book – the 3rd one.  He bought it the same time I did and he’d e-mail me his thoughts.  Here’s the exact e-mail there:

i wish theyd make a dvd of thsi book with all the angles and matches. its so good. i couldnt believe that heyman called mick a whore! what an asshole. i also totally agree on micks summation of ECW. sad as that may make me, but its true. all the little kids stuff is real good and makes me happy. i am gonna sponsor a kid i think. its real cheap, why not? his part with jericho is good too. i wish that book came out today too. i think the general problem with wrestling books is they try to squeeze whole careers into one book. if jericho wrote one about everything but his time in WWE, that making it to WWE was the conclusion thatd be sweet. Then he could write another about his time in WWE, if the first one was good enough. I read Stone Cold Truth and its like boom boom boom. Just good anecdotes about stuff not a real good story because its all flown through. No arc to it. He was funny though as he continually mentioned that he was the biggest draw and biggest merchandise guy eve
r but would say he wasnt bragging. ANYWAYS you should join the thing with kids too. That way we can compare letters about our foreigner kids. I like this book better than Foley is Good, by a lot. Maybe because I didnt really care about his feud with HHH or I never saw most of the stuff hes writing about now. I dont know. I just like this one a lot better. I agree with so much he says about booking. Letting people talk, and this feud with FUnk/Dreamer. Like if they didnt do everything “the WWE way” he probably could get them over as threats. OOh and what he says about RKO. God I love this book. w/b

To summarize – Vin’s a complete fag.


  • Vin says:

    Ummm, excuse me, pardon me. This email is clearly scatterbrained nonsense, clearly wrote in a manner in which my sons mother was giving me the “please get off the internet” look. That being said, my points about Chris Jericho and his book are FUCKING SPOT ON. The book ended with him starting in the WWE and it is my favorite wrestling book of all time. The 3rd Mick Foley book was great for me at the time because I am a mark for booking (Bill Watts book, HELLO!?) and that’s what it’s all about. In retrospect, it’s nothing special but at the same time I wish more wrestling books and biographies in general were like that. Concentrate on a period of time and nail it, don’t try to fit 20 years into 400 pages. It doesnt work.

    AND we probably should mentor some foreign and/or retarded kids. It’s not like you do anything better to do with our money, Mr. 4th Xbox 360.

    Finally, it’s clear from reading this that you never even read the book we started at the same time. You can make fun of me all you want for this email, but it’s clear that you don’t know exactly what you are making fun of me for because if you had read the book you might agree with every single thing I have said.

    To summarize – fuck off wanker.

  • Scotsman says:

    4th Xbox 360? You know I get them for *free* right? Microsoft replace them for free.

    And I don’t know about “mentor” – but if you mean “sponsor” I already sponsor about 10 kids.

    And you’re right – I didn’t read it. Because it’s fucking the worst book ever.

  • nastycrow says:

    Sorry to barge in, but if you’re a fan of suspense/thriller/action and the like, there are 3 books you have to read:

    1) Michael Cordy : The Miracle Strain
    2) Michael Prescott : Stealing Faces
    3) Dan Simmons : Carrion Comfort

    I promise you won’t be disappointed… I made a lot of people read these 3 and they were all very pleased…

  • Scotsman says:

    Holy fuck man – I was JUST thinking of you earlier today. I was going through old sent items looking for something, and I found our e-mail exchange in regard to the Max stuff 😉 And I was like “Man, WTF is NastyCrow up to these days, I should get in touch with him”. And now you post here – that’s freaky as hell.

    Thanks for the recommendations. The first two(Cordy/Prescott) are at the local library so I’ve reserved them and will pick them up tomorrow. I haven’t started a new book yet so I’ll read one of those first.

  • nastycrow says:

    Hey man! Yeah! I remember our trade back then… Speaking of which, I have at least 2 other Max DVD and about 10 Ben DVD that I don’t watch anymore… If you want them, they’re yours… No trades, no fees…

    As for me, well, still a librarian but right now I’m looking for a new job. I just can’t stand the new boss… like most of the staff actually… Oh well!

    Took me some times to find your new site since Scotsmanality went down. I actually found a link for NPP at Hyatte’s site… Go figure…

    Let me know about the DVD…

  • Scotsman says:

    Ha na that’s okay. I ended up selling some on a porn auction site awhile ago – I think I still got some DVDs sitting around tho.

    Be sure to post lots on NPP 🙂 Good to hear from you again.

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