My dad – he asks for advice…

Posted by Scotsman on October 9, 2008 in Life |

…but he never fucking listens to it.

Worse, he does the opposite of what I say.  Just over the past year, we’ve had the following conversations:

“Hey I need a new monitor.  Is this one at Best Buy for $259 good?”
“Not really.  Here’s one at NCIX for just $229 that is actually better.”

An hour later…
“I bought the one from Best Buy.”

“I’m looking to get a video camera.  What about this one at The Source?”
“It’s a piece of junk.  Seriously piece of trash, and overpriced.  Tons of negative reviews.  Here is one at Best Buy – it’s $20 more expensive, but it is an actual good camera.”

Next day…
“Got the one at The Source.  Where is best place to buy memory?”
“Canada Computers.  You’ll save $30 over all the other stores.”

2 hours later…
“Got them at Best Buy.”

Sigh.  And it is EVERYTHING.  He was recently over at my house and saw my sick ass TV, and decided that he too, had to have HDTV.  Even though he never watches anything.  I think he has a mental illness.  He rents about 25 DVDs a week, burns them all, buys DVD cases for them, prints off the DVD cover and even prints the DVD image shit on the actual DVD.  And so he has this DVD collection of over 3000 burnt DVDs…YET DOES NOT WATCH A FUCKING THING.

And it’s not like I ever know answers off the top of my head.  I have to research it all.  Take the video camera – I have to go to all the sites that sell video cameras, find a list within his price range, find out what he wants to use it for (“to record things!”) , study reviews and pick one for him – only for him to turn around and buy something else entirely.  This is EVERY FUCKING TIME.

I’m ranting about this today because this happened again, plus I got an extra kick in the teeth from it.  With him wanting an HDTV, I put a lot of research into it, and decided he wanted a plasma and it wasn’t even close.  So I took him aside, and I researched him about it, and I even had a point by point discussion on why this TV was the best for him.  I felt like I was negotiation with Party Poker the way I was so direct.  I finally had him convinced, and thought that once I had a victory…..

“Got the TV!”
“Yeah?  The one I said?”
“Nah got this one”

And he links me to a fucking LCD TV that isn’t even 1080p!!!!  E-FUCKING-GADS.  This was yesterday.  He also sent me an e-mail yesterday(he won’t communicate with me over MSN – he HAS MSN and is online all day but he has decided not to communicate with it) saying he needed HDMI Cables.  “I found 2 at Walmart for $30.  Should I get those?”.  So I found a website(monoprice) that had cables for $1.84.  $1.84, a LOT better than 2 for $30, right?  Even was able to get him free shipping.  I even signed him up for an account, put them in his basket and told him all he had to do was put his credit card information in, and that was it.

I just got this e-mail:

“just picked up the 2 from walmart for $30 dollars”

ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH.  WHY WHY WHY.   And even worse, why do I, after all this time, still try and help him out.

I need a fucking nap.

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