A sad story involving mice

Posted by Scotsman on July 23, 2009 in Life |

Well as seems common for every Summer, our cupboards were invaded by mice.  I’ve given up trying to block all the holes that they squeeze through as it’s just fucking impossible.  We opened our cupboards last week through to discover a bunch of mouse poop, so up went the trap, and the very next day we had a nice big fat dead mouse.

The mother mouse.

Who just had a bunch of babies.


I like to picture the story like this – the mother had a bunch of babies, and has them outside somewhere in a safe spot.  However she needs to feed them, so she picked our house to come in and get some food to feed her babies.  Well one night there was the chilling sound of a trap slamming shut on a neck, which awoke the babies from their sleep.  The mother didn’t come back, and so apparently now one by one each day, the mice leave their nest to look for their mummy.

Some of them got off lucky.  Like this one that Janise found when she went to make a cup of coffee:


He was alive and well, and just looked scared as hell.  We took him off to a field or something and let him free.

Unfortunately he is the ONLY lucky one.  It seems every night, yet another mouse goes off seeking their mother.  Unfortunately they don’t find their mother…..

…..they find my cat…..


and then I find this:


Wonderful isn’t it?  The cat doesn’t just kill em – it RIPS THEIR GUTS OUT.  Also I’ve seen it in action before – it likes to injure the mouse, then chase it around the yard smacking it all over the place.  What a cunt.

So yeah – that’s what I have woken up to every morning for the last 4 days.  Nothing like picking up a mouse with its guts pop out to put you off your rice krispies.

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