Happy New Year!

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First blog post of 2010 – woot!

I had a quiet New Years.  Just stayed in with the family and watched Home Alone 1 & 2.  That’s the best way to do it – going out on New Years sucks.  All the pubs are absolutely fucking packed full of amateur drinkers, so it’s never any fun.

On the weekend I went up to Toronto to meet my old buddy Nate.  It was snowing like crazy, and the train took an extra hour to get there.  We watched the early football games, then headed off to the ACC to watch the Raptors vs Spurs.  The Spurs were shockingly bad.  They had Pizza Pizza there and the pizza was just COVERED in pepperoni and we were fucking starved, so ended up having 4 slices each.  Well after the game we are walking down that big tunnelled in area that leads to Front St, when we both at the same time just ran into a corner and puked it all up.  That was great.

Here is a picture from the next morning – pepperoni everywhere!


Overall it was a good night though.  After getting all that pepperoni out of our system, we went to Jack Astors and had a couple of Caesars to settle our stomachs.  I also had their wings which are pretty damn good.  We followed that up with some blueberry girlie drink, a pint of Keiths and then off to another bar where I had my first ever red bull, as we did 3 red bull & vodkas.  Unfortunately it never really impacted me as we went back to his place and I crashed immediately.

Watched TNA Impact & RAW last night.  RAW was fucking AWFUL.  The Bret stuff at the beginning was great, but the rest of the show was horrifically boring and for the show to end with Vince kicking Bret in the balls?  Fuck that.  Awful, awful stuff.

TNA Impact on the other hand was EXCELLENT.  It reminded me of the good old days where you never really knew what was happening next.  What I liked most though was that they didn’t blow their load on one show – rather they set a TON of stuff up, and planted a lot of seeds.  How does Hogan feel about the nWo?  What’s gonna happen with Jarrett?  Who attacked everyone backstage?  What’s Stings role gonna be?  What’s Flairs role gonna be?  Just so much stuff and I really fucking liked it, and can’t wait for the next Impact now.


  • Vin says:

    I can’t believe how much I disagree with you on TNA vs Raw. That Impact was HORRIBLE. The entire thing felt like an old Nitro. The Hogan/nWo/Bischoff segment went on forever and was poorly put together (the theme music interrupting the conversation as someone came out didn’t work at all, especially considering Bischoff had NEVER appeared in TNA before (why does he even have music? (and since I’m parenthetically talking about music WWE should sue over that way too obvious nWo music ripoff)). And how is it possible that Hall/Nash/Xpac all look older than Hogan and Flair? They did nothing for their existing talent base and instead just put over guys who haven’t been over in a long, long time. It was sad, really. I don’t usually agree with him, but Scott Keith nailed this one in his review.

    As for Raw you are complaining about chapter one of a story right now. You know that there is some awesome promos coming soon from Vince and Bret. You know there are chill scenes coming up. Sure, it wasn’t the greatest but it wasn’t nearly as offensive as being expected to take the nWo seriously in 2010. Bret’s angle is a nostalgia trip and the nWo one isn’t and that’s the difference.

  • Scotsman says:

    Scott Keith is a douche, and Impact was great. It had a great fucking wrestling match, planted a ton of seeds for the future as well as brought back the “anything can happen” element that made wrestling good back in the day.

    Was it perfect? Hell no. That cage match in particular was a disaster. But they already passed the first hurdle, which was setting up storylines and at least attempting to do long-term booking, as opposed to blowing their load in one night.

    Is Hall/X-Pac etc gonna be a disaster? Possibly, but I won’t judge it until it happens. Last night I liked it. It gave that real uneasy anything can happen type vibe.

    As for RAW – yes there’s a story – the same old story, which if Vince McMahons ego. Not only did he screw Bret in Montreal, not only is he responsible for the death of Brets brother, but he brought Bret back on RAW after all these years only to kick him in the balls and ridicule him. The angles gonna suck, simply because Vinces ego is too huge. “Brets calling me out? Nah I’m calling HIM out”. Fuck off.

    The rest of RAW was absolutely horrible shit. The highlight though was talking about Steve Williams. Fuck – they were CREAMING themselves with joy that a wrestler died and it WASN’T drug related for once. WWE are complete scumbags.

  • Vin says:

    Impact had everything that made WCW go down.

    Blowing a PPV main event people want to see on free TV? Check.
    Guys on TV who are only on because they are Hogan’s friends? Check.
    Washed up former stars? Check.
    Storylines that don’t go anywhere? Check.

    I see your point, but the problem is that they want to be WCW in the 90s and that isn’t what you should want to be. They won the ratings wars for awhile, but they were never truly better because they don’t understand what people want to see and they don’t know where they’re going. That being said I am glad you liked it and you are excited to see where those storylines go, but I am not. To me it’s just a remake of the same old ones we have seen time and time again. Give me something original and I’ll be on board.

    You can diss on Raw, Vince and WWE all you want and I’ll agree with most of it, but you and I know you are going to mark out like a 12 year old when Bret puts Vince in the Sharpshooter at Wrestlemania. They’re bad people, but when they do it right nobody does it better.

  • Scotsman says:

    Oh come on the PPV main event for free? Was Styles/Angle really Goldberg vs Hogan levels? It was a smart move, and the PPV will do big buyrates anyway. Storylines that don’t go anywhere? It’s only been one show.

    Fact is – WCW got lazy, and had people like Nash booking that just didn’t have a clue, and had a huge power struggle and that’s how they went downhill. However they were also the top promotion for 82 weeks or whatever it was ratings wise.

    Want something original? Go watch ROH, with the 15 other people in North America that do.

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