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Didn’t realize it had been that long since I last updated.  Sorry about that.  Let me try and cover a bunch of topics in one post:

Sports: My tips sites are doing great – my NBA Tips site is at 14-4 for the season so far, or 77.8%.   NFL is at 34-25 or 57.6%.  I’ve also been making arrangements to go to a lot of sports games lately.  I really wish I lived in a town with some actual big sports teams as I would so get season tickets for everything.  Shit, I’d even sit through the Toronto Argos every other week.  I went to Leafs vs Senators on Tuesday in Ottawa which was fun, and this Saturday I’m off to Toronto to see the Leafs vs Capitals, then the next day it’s Raptors vs Magic.  Got a ton more basketball & hockey games lined up, and also going to see Patriots vs Bills on Dec 20th I believe which I am pretty pumped about.

Books: Haven’t been reading much lately.  Read Filth by Irvine Welsh for about the 9th time – seriously his best book bar none, and I highly recommend it.  I read that again as he brought out a kind of sequel to it in Crime.  Just started that – it’s starting a bit slow but hopefully it will pick up.

TV: Haven’t watched much lately.  Started going through Family Guy as I bought the box set of that like a year ago and it’s been sitting gathering dust.  I’ve probably only watched about 20 episodes of it in total, so it is nice to go through it one by one.  The early episodes are quality – not so sure about the later ones, but I did catch one on TV last night(where Stewie was in the future and saw the older Stewie) and it was pretty lame.

Video Games: Haven’t played much Xbox lately, which sucks as I’ve got an achievement challenge where I need to get more gamerscore points than another person.  He’s currently at 62,865 and I am at 60,076.  I did beat Harry Potter the other day – I think it’s Order of the Phoenix but it might have been the other one.  Either way it was shit.  I tried out Chronicles of Riddick today but sad to say it was too hard for me – that was a bit depressing.  Granted I was playing it on hard, and with the achievement challenge I have it in my head I have to rush through games, and that really isn’t one I should rush through, but MAN did I ever suck at it.

Hopefully I find time to play games this week.  I have a whole stack of games that I’ve either bought/rented and not played, or played a little.   Games that I have to go through include Godfather II, Lego Indy 2, Blitz 2, Bionic Commando, COD 3, COD WaW, COD MW 2, Cars Mater National, Monsters vs Aliens, Bolt, All Pro Football 2K8, The Incredible Hulk, Bakugan, Ben 10, Fantastic 4, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Virtua Tennis 3, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Mini Ninjas, PGR 4 and probably a few others I can’t remember off the top of my head.  So yeah, lot of fucking games to play – just have to sit down and do them.

Work: Had a lot to do since I got back from Edmonton, and did it all.  I’ve got one new site that is almost done(I just need a couple of articles to add to it, a caricature and a header) and I’ll post it here – it’s a pretty neat site and fun to work on.  Other than that, I’m basically in vacation mode until the end of the year – I basically work just whenever I feel like it now – some days I do fuck all, other days I will be like “Yeah I want to do that today” then do it.  Fun way to work, and I may just continue like this for the next little while.

Alright, I am off to do a few things then play Modern Warfare 2!

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