Oh fuck off Mad About You – just fuck right off.

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So this is going to be high on the “Holy crap Scotsman is so pathetic” list but I just don’t care – it’s almost midnight, and I just got out of bed to come downstairs and rant about Mad About You.

So I wrote earlier in the week about how I’m currently going through it.  I used to watch it a bit when it originally aired, and I liked it and complained once to my wife about how it never seens to be on syndication.  She remembered that, and bought me every DVD as a Christmas present.  As I’ve started to go through it I have realized it isn’t that great a show, but it still has its moments and is usually a good, relaxing show to fall asleep too.

Until the season 4 finale.

See – throughout season 4, Paul and Jamie have been trying to have a baby but failing.  They’ve did all the tests, and everything is fine – they just don’t have any luck in the sack.  To add to that, both of them were working a lot at their jobs and barely spent time with each other.  Then Paul gets fired, doesn’t seem to care about getting a new job, and Jamie gets super frustrated.  It leads to a season finale, which begins with Jamie kissing another guy.

So, drama time.  And they both throughout the hour and a half long finale just can’t seem to fix this, and realize they are in trouble.  It all comes to a head sitting on a park bench, where after lots of yelling, they basically agree with each other that they can’t get along, they can’t fix their marriage, and agree to a divorce.

Now if the season ended there – great, fucking sick cliffhanger finale ending, and makes these two realistic.  That is the problem with the show at times – they are just so nauseatingly perfect for each other, even when they are having problems.  But now, finally, they are actually having real problems, and it makes them both more likeable to the viewer because of it.

However it isn’t over – Paul goes on one of those “walks” you see in the movies and TV, where he walks the bad streets while thinking things over.  He finally ends up at their apartment, where he decides to go up and start packing his shit.  So he does that, and is in his closet packing a bag when he notices that Jamie is home(she was staying at her sisters) and is fast asleep in bed.

So then we have a “moment” – where Paul stares at his wonderful wife, asleep, and realizes that bar all the problems, all he wants in life is her.  He starts stroking her hair, she wakes up, they both cry, they both apologize, they both declare their undying love for each other, bla bla bla.  Okay whatever – I can deal with that.  It’s just a sitcom not a drama, no point ending the season on a depressingly sour note.

BUT WAIT – it isn’t over yet.  Have making up, they start to make love.  And then we get the ominous text – “THREE WEEKS LATER…” and guess what?  It just happens to be them doing a pregnancy test, and OMG GUESS WHAT JAMIE IS PREGNANT.  WHAT IN THE FLYING FUCK.  For a brief few minutes they had actually tackled some real issues, and had an enthralling storyline.  And next thing you know they’re both back together, happiest couple ever, and after all those months she manages to get fucking pregnant.


Seriously – life isn’t fucking like that!  Why must this show always have to tie that pretty little fucking bow on things, and try to keep up the whole perfect couple shit.  Why does it have to be so fucking NAUSEATING?  I swear on my life, after that happened, I paused it, went to the bathroom and threw up.  Now granted, I think the shrimp I had earlier in the evening were the main cause of that, but THIS FUCKING SHOW I am sure played at least a part in that.

FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.  Why do shows have to be like this?  And here I am ranting about a show that ended years ago at midnight, and yet once I am done ranting?  I’m gonna go up and pop in season fucking 5, because I am a retard who just has to see this whole show through to the end.

Fuck Mad About You.  I hope Paul Reisers kids get cancer.

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