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Played the GSOP Stud today, with a $100 bounty on myself considering I’m the favourite.  It’s kind of tough playing in this one because I usually like to have fun and fuck around, but on the other hand I feel like I have a reputation to uphold, if that makes any sense.  So I generally try to play relatively tight, and I always expect people to be making moves against me.

Some hands:


Loved that one, as I managed to get pretty much maximum value out of the hand.  The call on 3rd may look a bit icky, but the table was really loose so I was confident of callers behind me, and a big pot.  Also with most of the players rarely playing Stud, I can make some -EV calls with the expectation that my leet skills later on will negate that.


Just a general suckout.  Played it as well as I could – I don’t think there is much I can beat on 7th when he bets, but considering the situation, I really can’t fold there.


I was quite pissed at myself over this hand.  I played way too disciplined with the fold on 7th, and paid for it.  He did well at representing the flush though – that’s the best way to deceive me in one of these games – pretend to play straight up.  I’m pretty much always going to believe you considering who I am playing against.  i should still be more loose with my calls however.


This call on 4th is very bad – 3rd wasn’t that great either.  Tybuc might as well be playing his Ks face up at this point, I don’t have odds to call there.  I should have 3-bet or folded.  And as he had bluffed me on a pot earlier I expect he would be calling me lightly, so a fold would’ve been the better option.


This hand was funny just because he did that “INSTA-BET-BLIND-DON’T-CARE-ABOUT-THE-CARDS” deal.  I probably should’ve folded 6th, but odds were good considering a lot of the time when people do that they have fuck all.


Easy, but frustrating fold.


This was a pretty fun hand.  Always nice to run into a big hand on the river, even better to actually get 4 bets in there too.


I felt sorry for Roat Cack here.  I’ve been in that position so many fucking times – raise 4th so you can get a free card later in the hand, then instantly pair and lose position.  I was calling if he bet 7th – so I was very surprised by the check, and I thought I was beat at that point(something like 8s up would usually check there) so no real value in betting.


On the final table bubble, take a crappy beat which otherwise would’ve eliminated this guy.  I ended up eliminating him later though to break the bubble, when he got all-in with 8584 against my AKJT, and he made 8s up while I rivered broadway.


There is a $100 bounty on my head which is nice, because otherwise I don’t get anywhere near as much action.


Went busto on that hand.  Nothing you can do there – even face up he was right to call.  It’s all about whether the hand holds up or not, especially with the bounty up for grabs.  Finished 4th so in the money.  Overall fun tournament, and I’m happy with the way I played.  Not many mistakes at all, and I made some good steals.

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