Xbox Update: Streak Going Strong

Posted by Scotsman on June 5, 2019 in XBox |

Last time out I finished up Lego Marvel.

Still in the comic book mode, I went with Batman Arkham Knight next.

Unfortunately I have barely scraped the surface with the game. I’m enjoying it for the most part but not fully hooked yet.

I was also on a trip to Vegas last weekend. So I had a bunch of work to get done after it, then I was exhausted as fuck AND had a huge backlog of work to do. So I haven’t had the chance to play it since getting back.

For the record I’m currently at just 4/69 achievements for that.

However I wanted to do this update because one thing I HAVE been doing is CRUSHING the daily xbox achievement streak.

After not playing Xbox for so long I figured if I keep up the achievement streak, it should encourage me to play more Xbox. And that really has helped.

I’ve been so commited to it that when I went to Vegas for a few days and traveled without a laptop, I actually gave my son instructions for each day on an achievement, and how to get it ha. Just so the streak wouldn’t be broken.

I also just purchased a new laptop (Thinkpad T480) and the first thing I did was download some Windows games with achievements. Reason for that is over the Summer I will be away a lot, so will be able to get at least one achievement per day!

And I know it’s lame ha but it feels like this is the only way I’m going to be able to keep playing Xbox – by keeping the daily achievement streak alive.

Anyway just so I can get this list off my desktop notes here’s a quick update of the daily chivos since the last update:

May 14: Lego Marvel. Play as Agent Coulson. (Also unlocked Studs x4 yay).
May 15: Lego Marvel. Unlock Howard the Duck.
May 16: Lego Marvel: Completed House Party Protocol.
May 17: Lego Marvel. Destroyed 100 vehicles in the hub world.
May 18: Letter Quest. Purchased 10 potions.
May 19: Letter Quest. Filled the board up with plague tiles.
May 20: Crackdown 3. Did a race to bronze level.
May 21: Crackdown 3. 10 gadgets unlocked.
May 22: Crackdown 3. Drive faster than 100mph without hitting anything.
May 23: Crackdown 3. Blow a car up by shooting its gas cap.
May 24: Lego Marvel. Create a character called “Trevor”.
May 25: Lego Marvel: Read a comic in Deadpools room.
May 26: Lego Marvel. Transform into Hulk 50 times.
May 27: Lego Marvel. Perform Hulks special move on Loki.
May 28: Lego Marvel: Tamed up Captain America with Human Torch.
May 29: Lego Marvel: Collected all Iron Man armors.
May 30: Lego Marvel. Performed move as Colussus on Wolverine.
May 31: Letter Quest. Spelled “YAY”.
June 1st: Letter Quest: Purchased 5 Books.
June 2nd: Letter Quest: Spelled “BACON”.
June 3rd: Lego Marvel: Unlocked Black Cat.
June 4th: Bridge Constructor. Ran a simulation even though no bridge was built.
June 5th: Microsoft Mahong. Completed the tutorial.

Hopefully I’ll have more time for xbox as I’ll be just focusing on the Women’s World Cup for work over the next little while and not much else. Speaking of, be sure to check out my women’s world cup betting tips over at BetSoccer.ca.

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