XBox Update: Beat Sniper Elite 3

Posted by Scotsman on September 18, 2019 in XBox |

Well my new schedule in terms of work – which is set up to allow me to do more non-work things such as play Xbox – is already paying off as I had a very successful week in terms of playing XBox.

I finished up Metro 2033 Redux last time out. My new goal was every Friday pick an “XBox Game to Wrap Up” and play that until I had every achievement I wanted in it. i ended up going with Metro and got all the needed achievements over the course of a couple of days.

What’s cool about that is I was quite busy the last few days with personal stuff but I was still able to do that AND start then finish a new game.

With Metro I went back and picked up 17 achievements to end the game with 38/49. It’s tough actually forcing myself NOT to get other achievements however some of them require playing multiple levels over and over, and others are collectibles where I’d have to play practically the whole game again. For one achievement? No thanks.

It’s hard to leave them sitting there but with such a backlog it’s the best thing to do. I could always get them on a 2nd playthrough if I wanted although I don’t really seeing myself playing it again.

Anyway after beating that initially, I decided to play Sniper Elite 3. I’d started this previously about oh 5 years ago and played the first level only.

I ended up with 20/50 achievements after beating that for 305 gamerscore. It was an okay game I guess. I didn’t give a toss about the story. What’s frustrating is while you can be a sniper and be all stealthy etc – you can also totally cheese the game due to weak AI. Oh well it is what it is.

I can get the majority of the achievements in that one by going back. Unsure yet however if I will focus on all the achievements at once like Metro, or if I will work on 1 achievement a day or something. Would be neat to get an achievement streak going again but I am not 100% sure. We’ll see.

In the meantime I have already chosen my next game and it is Spiderman on the PS4. I bought a PS4 in the Summer when it was on sale with Spidey and Horizon Zero Dawn. I watched that Far from Home movie the other night and it got me in hte mood to finally start Spidey.

Friday is my day off work so pumped to get that going. Also in the mood for a sports game and I am behind on the Madden games so downloaded Madden 18 and gonna get that going too. Seems generous enough with chivos. I realized i am close to 300k so think I am going to push for that before the year is out.

Oh I also have a bunch of those Neo Geo games. I started ACA NEOGEO WAKU WAKU 7 which is quite a difficult game. 6 out of 12 achievements in that hopefully wrap them up soon.

Here’s my stats update:

XBox Games to Wrap Up: 165
New XBLA Games: 72
New XBox 360 Games: 101
New XBox One Games: 187 (-1)
Sports/Racing Games: 52

Gamerscore: 280,188 (+1070)
TA Score: 447,030 (+1717)
Achievements: 11,906 (+43)
TA Ratio: 58.21% (+0.21%)
100% Games: 114

Nice to see the ratio go up. Some goals would be:

300k gamerscore
500k TA score
60% TA Ratio

By end of year. We’ll see.

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